AGCO GSI add Cimbria seed and grain handling

The expertise of Cimbria’s high quality and reliable seed and grain processing, handling, and storage options is now packaged with GSI grain storage equipment to offer Australian and New Zealand farmers the largest range of grain and seed storage and processing equipment in the industry

AGCO Australia has expanded its expertise in seed and grain handling with the recent global acquisition of Cimbria to its portfolio.

The Cimbria brand has an established presence within Australia previously managed by Geoff Nuske in South Australia, through his dealership Cimbria Australia Ltd. AGCO thanked Geoff for his service towards the Cimbria brand and wish him the best for the future.

Cimbria’s SEA CHROME sorting machines can recognise up to 16 different materials with an optical resolution down to 0.1mm. The high capacity RGB trichromatic sorter operates through 7 chutes

The consolidation of the supply chain will now provide Australian farmers direct access to Cimbria equipment and support through five warehouses based throughout Australia and New Zealand for efficient parts support and factory trained sales and support staff.

In addition, AGCO Finance can provide value added services to Cimbria customers with leasing and financing options available for specialist seed and grain equipment through to turnkey packages.

With over 70 years of grain handling experience, Cimbria has accumulated a product portfolio that delivers high quality and reliable grain processing, handling and storage of grain and seed.

Packaged with GSI grain storage equipment, AGCO can now offer Australian and New Zealand farmers the largest range of grain and seed storage and processing equipment in the industry.

For larger storage and processing facilities Cimbria offers industry leading solutions that are fully automatic and with technology to ensure optimum quality and efficiency – all achieved while keeping any rejected grain and seed kernels quantities to a minimum

Cimbria is available to design, develop, manufacture and then install customised solutions no matter if you are after a stand-alone machine, a complete processing line or a self-managed on-farm setup.

There are already thousands of Cimbria installations in operation all over the world and throughout Australian farms and commercial facilities.

These installations primarily belong to clients dealing with processing, handling and storage of grain and seed.

However, installations are also found in animal feed production and animal husbandry facilities, breweries and food production including nuts, vegetables and food processing.

In particular, Cimbria’s core area of expertise is precise project design and engineering to deliver the right solution.

Cimbria’s products portfolio has the ability to do a variety of tasks including grain and seed conveying, drying, seed processing and electronic sorting, amongst other tasks.


Cimbria is also focused on the configuration and the production of well-designed conveying equipment with minimum complexity.

Emphasis is placed upon the optimisation or improvement of conveying logistics and reducing the waste of bulk material that can occur during the conveying process.


The use of heat treatment to ensure the preservation of agricultural products is one of the most widely used methods used in the industry.

Cimbria’s developments in this space has resulted in the most flexible modular design on the market.

Seed Processing

Cimbria is able to develop and manufacture an entire range of equipment and solutions for seed processing.

With its thorough technical engineering experience and in-depth product knowledge, Cimbria offers product solutions appropriate for cleaning, grading and treatment of all types of  seed and grains.

Electronic Sorting

Cimbria also offers industry leading sorting solutions that are tailored to any individual application.

Cimbria sorters are fully automatic and possess the latest technology to ensure optimum quality and efficiency, while keeping the rejected grain and seed kernels quantities to a minimum.


Storage of grain and seed products require the utmost care and control at the same time.

Packaged with the family member “GSI”, there isn’t a silo project that is too simple or complex for Cimbria and AGCO Australia – regardless of whether the solution applies to large or small, square or round, trapezoidal silo solutions or smooth surfaces.


AGCO turnkey solutions are based on all the knowledge learnt from the other business areas.

This enables Cimbria to offer turnkey solutions that have complete integration and coordination of functions and machinery.

Cimbria has mastered all disciplines and expertise within research, project development, engineering and manufacturing. As well as offering professional management, consulting services and construction.

For more details on Cimbria commercial and on-farm grain management systems, email: or call Tim Pfeiffer direct on

mobile: 0447 469 767.