Agrifac releases the Condor 5 with everything you ever wanted

With a clean stage V engine, the much anticipated Agrifac Condor 5 is fitted with every conceivable specification to ensure it will offer the most cost effective spraying results.

The Condor 5 from Agrifac represents a whole new generation of self-propelled sprayers.

It not only looks like its big brother the Red Dot Design winner, Condor Endurance II, it also offers many of its well-known design and build advantages.

Ever since its initial launch, the Agrifac Condor has been a model that offers unrivalled stability in the paddock and has always been loaded with the precision features that operators expect.

The Condor V’s StabiloPlus Chassis makes it one of the most stable self propelled sprayers in the world giving uniform weight distribution and unmatched boom handling.

The Condor 5 has application across the paddock well and truly covered.

Its GreenFlowPlus system ensures there is continuous pressure ín the spraylines resulting in uniform application across the paddock and minimal rest liquid left in the tank.

GreenFlowPlus is equipped with CAN-controlled valves to ensure that spray application rates are maintained at all times.

Inside the Condor V’s cab machine control is taken care of by the EcoTronicPlus.

It is recognised as being simple and easy to operate with all functions performed automatically from the cab.

There is a well arranged colour terminal where the operator can see exactly what is happening around the machine with liquid flow and control valve position shown displayed on the home page.

For ease of operation during spraying, most functions are integrated into the joystick and armrest.

Offering auto steer compatibility with all major GPS providers and section control to individual nozzle level the Condor V ensures that customers can save as much chemical as possible.

The Condor 5 has track widths automatically adjustable up to 3m with WideTrackPlus, and ground clearance up to 2m with ClearancePlus, all controlled at the touch of a button.

This ensures the Condor 5 can meet the needs of growers in all cropping situations.

The Condor 5 brings the AGRIFAC ‘NEED FARMING’ technology to Australia with AiC Plus for optical spraying, Dynamic Dose Plus (DDP) for variable rate application based on task maps and StrictSprayPlus (SSP) for turn compensation and uniform application.

The Condor 5 is a major step-up model in its build.

AGRIFAC has introduced a Cummins Stage V engine to meet the strictest emission standards, this combined with lower operating engine revs results in significant fuel savings.

In addition there have been a lot of other improvements that further improve efficiency and productivity.

Full model specifications including engine, product capacities and boom lengths will be revealed at launch.

Agrifac has confirmed there will be a build to handle every farming operation.

The Condor V is available from 1 January 2020.

Be one of the first to test drive by calling tel: 0438 072 167, or see


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