AgriTech the hot topic


Innovative agricultural technology is now a hot topic discussed among farmers across the nation, including aspects such as data management and exploring new technology. Source: AFDJ eNews

One of the world’s leading technology suppliers, Bosch Group, has recently invested $2.5 million in an innovative Tasmanian start-up business – The Yield.

Several Tasmanian farmers are already reaping benefits such as reduction of water use by 20%, water cost by 25% and chemical use by as much as 50% through their participation in The Yield.

In response to farmers’ inquiry, BCG will spend the next 12 months examining how new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), harvester generated yield maps and precision agriculture (PA) might influence production and profitability outcomes through a field research trial being established at Manangatang on Mallee grain farms.

Farmers are now looking for ways that will help them to analyse risk and respond appropriately in a rapidly changing external environment.

AgriTech will showcase advanced equipment including robotics, automation, precision agriculture, RTK navigation, autonomous vehicles, big data systems and farm management software and will provide an answer to the strong demand for new and innovative technologies to increase yield and drive productivity for the agricultural sector.

AgriTech is on in Melbourne from 24-26 May co-located with Irrigation Australia at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.