Agritechnica was on again then maybe off and now officially will not go ahead

Organisers of Agritechnica 2021 have finally been put out of their misery with the official word the event will not take place in 2022 as a substitute

Organisers of Agritechnica concluded that the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors, partners, members and staff was the top priority as the hybrid 2022 event was cancelled

Agritechnica 2022 was never a real event anyway, it was the result of the official 2021 event being cancelled out of its traditional November slot, and as a last-ditch effort, organisers tried out for a hybrid February/March 2022 replacement.

A major blow to the 14 to 20 November 2021 time slot came in the form of John Deere who made it clear they would not be attending, see background story here.

That body blow sent many of Deere’s competitors in the same direction, as a result a multitude of previous event exhibitors’ put in cancellations, it was not possible to move ahead with Agritechnica 2021.

The organisers of the Hanover Germany event made the bold move to reset the event date to 27 February until 2 March 2022 hoping the dust would have settled on COVID-19 and the testy travel arrangements exhibitors and visitors had to endure.

But even the change of date didn’t impress Deere and Co who already had order books full for the next 18 months, their heels were dug in by now, it was déjà vu for the event as the curtain was drawn on an Agritechnica event lost forever.

Yes, it is going to get boring so maybe take in a déjà vu tune Click here before we move on to the mud-slinging that these cancelled events seem to garnish.

Rumour had been rife for a while that the hybrid Agritechnica 2022 would never make it to a chorus. Organiser DLG Service had been prepared for its possible cancellation.

The messy aftermath now involved two sets of exhibitor bookings and local government legislation being formed in Hanover that would possibly restrict the event to a mere 30% capacity or even as low as 5,000 visitors a day, a far cry from the 450,000 that usually attend the event.

Organiser DLG was fuming at the prospect of a lost 2022 hybrid event.

Agriculture was running hot worldwide, and Agritechnica would steal the march as the international venue for agriculture and agribusiness coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both the exhibition and technical program had already been published and interest was running high for visitors to attend the world’s leading trade fair.

Organisers of Agritechnica, DLG Service GmbH had the grim task of seeking booking roll-overs out to the 2023 event or be faced with exhibitors who had lost faith in old-fashioned people gathering displays and therefore wanted to cancel out for good.

With the prospect of only getting 75% of their fees paid back, many exhibitors opted to turn their booking across to Agritechnica 2023.

With financial ruin off the table, organisers cancelled the hybrid 2022 event and turned their attention to quelling any further rumblings.

Organisers made their final statement on Agritechnica 2022, and it was a long one, “With regret, we have observed that, following the deteriorating pandemic situation in recent weeks and the resulting current official regulations, a justified exceptional situation has arisen, under which the trouble-free execution of Agritechnica is no longer possible.

“Together with the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association and the trade fair’s exhibitor advisory board, and following many discussions with both exhibitors and visitors, we have therefore decided to cancel next year’s Agritechnica.

“We have made this decision respecting our responsibilities towards the health and safety of all. We deeply regret the cancellation. Many of our exhibitors, partners, visitors and members, as well as the entire DLG team, have already invested in extensive preparations.

“Our focus is now on preparing Agritechnica 2023 as well as the other national and international DLG events and trade fairs that are scheduled for next year,” said Dr. Reinhard Grandke, chief executive officer, DLG.
“We all deeply regret that Agritechnica 2022 cannot take place after all – on the one hand, because the entire industry was already looking forward to its ‘leading trade fair’ with great anticipation, and on the other hand, because farmers currently stand to benefit from the numerous agricultural machinery innovation impulses in a way rarely seen before.

“After all, innovative machines, equipment and software tools make a significant contribution to sustainable and future-proof agricultural machinery production processes. Being able to present our extensive portfolio of innovations to a broad industry audience live on an international stage is and remains the gold standard.

We, as agricultural machinery experts, therefore, stand by our world’s leading trade fair and are already looking forward to a successful restart of Agritechnica in Hanover in 2023,” says Dr. Bernd Scherer, managing director, VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association.

The next Agritechnica trade fair will take place from 12 to 18 November 2023 in Hanover Germany.

Let’s end with a rousing rendition to overcoming obstacles and hard times that will hold us over to the 2023 event, click here.