Amazone new Euro test centre

Amazonen-Werke has invested about 2 million Euros in buildings and equipment within a new test centre at the Hasbergen-Gaste factory. Source: AFDJ eNews

At the official opening of the new building Dr. Rainer Resch, who is responsible for research and development, emphasised that this test and research facility will be a decisive factor in helping advancement of technical competency across all the Amazone sectors.

In total, expenditure for research and development at Amazonen-Werke amounts annually to 5% of the turnover volume.

With this new building – which includes a 2400m² hall for prototype construction and testing facilities plus a 600m² office section with electronic laboratories – the capacity for research and development at the Hasbergen-Gaste site has been significantly expanded.

The new test centre sits a few metres away from the technology centre where development engineers are located and so it represents an efficient unit.

“This provides us with totally new possibilities to make our research and development still more effective and intensive,” Dr Rainer Resch said.

The employees in the test centre look after the assembly, commissioning and testing of functional models and prototypes within the areas of competency that the Gaste factory specialises, namely fertilising technology, crop protection, DMC seed drills, ploughs and electronics.

“The technical equipment that features state-of-the-art standards and is designed for the versatile demands of the Amazone experimental establishment,” Volker Ehlen, Amazone’s head of design in Hasbergen-Gaste said.

These include a boom test bench for working widths of up to 60m and an isolation unit with a 60t base plate for endurance tests with very large agricultural machinery.

The integrated water management system serves the testing of crop protection sprayers, and contains a 16,000l storage tank, fill lines that are routed under floor with discharge ports and drainage channels and a suction pipe for vacuum tests.