Arbos reveals plans for extending its tractor reach

Chinese-Italian tractor manufacturer Lovol Arbos is gathering momentum with a full-line of product revealed in Italy. It has also detailed plans to expand the Chinese-Italian build into all world markets. Lovol, the Chinese manufacturer rocked the established machinery players two years ago by buying the former Goldoni tractor plant in Italy with the intention to combine into its arsenal an Italian brand and design, with assembly know-how and many components being Chinese-sourced.

Arbos 81 to 100kW (110-136hp) 5100 Series tractor are to be the first down the production line, with distribution and full production schedules for world market models, made in Italy, expected to begin in January 2018. The 5100 Series tractors are already being produced in China since June 2016, for that local market.

Chinese parent firm Lovol’s acquisition of Italian compact -tractor maker Goldoni also adds 28 to 55 (38-75hp) models to the Arbos range and means 5100 series Arbos tractors for Europe will now be made at the former Goldoni factory.

Lovol Arbos has stated Arbos tractors will clearly be aimed at the middle of the market, with prices purposely set at 10 per cent lower than the established badges.

To keep costs down Arbos models will offer for example, conventional semi-powershift transmissions, and intend to stay away from full powershift or CVT.  But we will have precision systems through a partnership with TopCon.

It is also planned for the Arbos badge to offer a full line of tillage gear, the result of Lovol’s March 2015 acquisition of Italian drill specialist Matermacc.

Lovol Arbos is already producing product out of the former Matermacc  factory, including power harrow combination drills, precision drills, twin-disc fertiliser spreaders along with trailed and mounted sprayers.

The full European made Arbos range will be a nice catch for a local distributor.