BKT Agrimax Force revealed as its biggest ever radial tyre for tractors

BKT has revealed the 2.3m diameter Agrimax Force IF 750/75 R 46 as the biggest radial agri tyre it will now make for tractors

BKT has shown its biggest radial agriculture tyre ever produced, the Agrimax Force IF 750/75 R 46 with a diameter of 2.30m.

The Agrimax Force is already BKT’s most popular tyre range worldwide and represents one of the highest qualities available in a radial tractor tyre.

The Agrimax Force IF 750/75 R 46 highlights the philosophy behind the unstoppable development of BKT products. The company continuously listens to the evolving needs in the global agriculture market and produces products for ever evolving equipment.

With Agrimax Force IF 750/75 R 46, BKT demonstrates being in touch with market challenges by displaying advanced project engineering, and by inaugurating the era of giant tractor tyres.

Agrimax Force is able to offer ideal combination of flexibility, and resistance as this latest-generation tyre has all qualities to equip all brands high-power tractors over 184kW (250hp).

And due to the IF technology, Agrimax Force tyres operate with a lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tyre carrying the same load. They are able to offer tilling operations a larger footprint on the soil leading to high flotation capacity plus a more uniform load distribution at low pressure.

Call Tradefaire International the local distributor for BKT tyres on 1800 982 466 for availability of Agrimax Force or check the range at www.tradefaire.com.au