Bourgault 3420 PHD Paralink Hoe Drill continues to be a show stopper

Day 1 of Henty Machinery Field Days. Denis Dorval from Bourgault and Henty judge Mark Bowyer with the Henty Machine of the year.

It tops off a great year for Bourgault. It already holds the title for the 2017 “Planter of the Year” and now the 3420 PHD Paralink Hoe Drill has also taken out the Henty Machine of the Year award.

Just what is all the fuss about you may well ask. Well for starters this highly credentialed drill is available in a 24.4m (80ft) model, or an even wider 3420-PHD 100 model able to work out to an impressive 30.5m (100ft). Then at dusk it all folds up to a mere 5.6m (18.2ft) wide and 5m (16.6ft) high for transport – in just a few minutes.

Take away the folding side show and focus on some unbeatable design benefits that give the 3420 PHD an unmatched ability to contour precisely in undulating paddock conditions. This is helped by the rear walking wheels being positioned between the second and third rows, shortening the effective contour depth. Contouring is further enhanced by the six-plex frame construction.

Whereas the main frame of a traditional drill is solid, the 3420 incorporates an additional hinge about the centre, that is supported with a pair of 380/55R22.5 wheels.

The flotation achieved by the 3420 comes from a unique design of the TreadLite system; it comprises of independent 21.5 x 16.1SL rear wheels that fold down in paddock position. The TreadLite system then contours independently of the rest of the frame, providing constant down pressure.

This down pressure is factory set, based on drill configuration, to ensure optimal load balance between the front, in-frame, and TreadLite wheels. In addition, six 21.5×16.1SL caster wheels at the front ensure this immense drill keeps working even in more challenging ground conditions.

It’s fair to say the advantages that the 3420 series Paralink Hoe Drill offers is a major shift in seeding technology and this is mainly because of its high productivity and ease of use.

There are two 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill models, the 3420-100 at 30.5m (100ft) and the 3420-80 at 24.4m (80ft). Both are offered with a choice of either the “Quick Depth Adjust configuration” or the “eXtra Terrain Contouring” 1:1 opener assembly.

They can be configured with either 254mm (10-in), 305mm (12-in) or 380mm (15-in) opener spacing, double shoot or single shoot as well as with or without Bourgault’s Mid-Row Banders (MRB).

The 380mm (15-in) spacing was included in the original design on a standard layout specifically for the requirements of local growers, cementing the seal of trust and respect Bourgault has developed with local growers.

Of equal importance to growers is that the 3420 Series Drills will accept most of the extensive range of aftermarket seed boots and points already available from local makers, those that have already been developed to suit the 3320 Series Paralink Hoe Drills.

In transport, the super compact folded dimensions greatly reduce stress when travelling along tight roads or low powerlines and trees. On-farm storage is easier as well.

Topcon’s X30 Apollo system is used to control both the TransFold and transport steering functions. The TransFold system is common to both the 4-plex 24.4m (80ft) and the 6-plex 30.5m (100ft) models.

Fitting into a transport envelope of 5.6m (18.2ft) wide and 5m (16.6ft) high the 3420-80 and 3420-100 folded dimensions become similar to that of a 12m (40ft) standard fold drill. The smart part is that the TransFold system follows a step-by-step procedure that takes less than three minutes to complete.

This is all controlled through the X30 Apollo full colour touch screen controller using the TransFold Wizard.

The wizard takes the operator through the folding sequences step by step with instructions on screen and only provides access to control functions related to that particular step.

From paddock position the first step is to raise the small wings inside the front hitch and TreadLite tyres. Next the front and rear locks are disengaged and the rear tow hitch tyre is lowered to support the hitch during the fold.

The operator then drives forward and the wings fold back with the tyres self-adjusting to align with the drill angle. The folded wing frames lock together and the front wings fold up ready for transport.

Once rolling the operator uses the X30 to control 4 sets of steerable tyres to corner the long length of the folded drill easily. Systematically, the unfold sequence follows the same procedure in a reverse order.

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