Bourgault 7000X is an Aussie specific build

Bourgault 7000X Series models were created specifically in response to requests from Australian farmers for a specific tank configuration with product capacities of 19,380 or 24,660-litres and in trailing (tow behind) and leading (tow between) configurations

Since Bourgault’s 7000X airseeder range was launched two years ago it has been steadily making a strong impact with large scale grain growers.

Bourgault X Series models were created specifically in response to requests from Australian farmers such as a different tank configuration to the standard North American 7000 series range.

The local tank design is better suited as it allows for an option of one or two liquids on board and 3 metre running gear for Controlled Traffic Farming.

Offering four different compartment capacities is exactly what local growers had been asking for.

And the local 7000X models are built with the same durable construction and expected functions as standard that has led to Bourgault becoming the current benchmark in air seeder design.

At the heart of all the X models is a four tank design with a 30% 20% 20% 30% tank split.

Growers can order from a wide range of available model options with a 19,380 or 24,660-litre product capacity and in trailing (tow behind) and leading (tow between) configurations.

Designated models are the 7550X, L7550X, 7700X and L7700X with the L7700X being the most recent release model.

All the usual 7000 Series operating functions and options are available such as Dual Boom Auto Section Control (ASC), single shoot or double shoot, small seeds saddle tank and weigh scales.

There are hydraulic brakes as standard on the 7700X, with a surge brake on the trailing model and also the L7700X.

Bourgault X trailing models also offer revised steering axles as well as a selection of high load carrying singles tyres for tighter turns as well as true 3 metre tracking.

Unique to X models is that they can be configured with either one or two of the back three tanks as Streamliner models for liquids and this offers a whole new world of possibilities.

Bourgault’s Streamliner variants have durable polished stainless steel components, stainless steel hydraulically driven pumps with standard in-tank product agitation, flow regulators and flow meters.

This is all easily controlled by the newest generation Topcon X35 Apollo controllers that come standard with the XTEND™ function that allows users to manage control applications with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Additionally, there is a Remote Assistance Tool that allows technicians to remotely diagnose and fix issues, as well as for agronomic consultants to advise and configure remotely.

For added convenience, Bourgault has also included multiple in-tank and external cameras on 7000X models giving the operator multiple views of the machine operation simultaneously.

Bourgault’s 7000X Series is the current benchmark for Air Seeders.

Find out how they can fit into your operation by calling tel: 08 9399 9700 for your nearest dealer, or see the website at:


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