Bourgault Paralink coulter drills can be built to suit your unique seeding situation

As you would expect from the most advanced disc seeder with the widest range of industry options Bourgault offer two styles of openers with a perfect match to suit your farm

Growers are adding Bourgault’s PLR™ openers into their Paralink coulter drills with time saving maintenance improvements as a result

Bourgault’s 3820 range of single-disc seeders are making full use of the new ParaLink™ Row Opener (PLR™).

This newly designed single-disc opener utilises highly considered combination hydraulic downforce and parallel arms for increased travel, penetration and seed depth consistency.

Local growers are well aware of the benefits and importance of accurate seed placement, and this why the ParaLink™ Row Opener (PLR™) has been developed.

Bourgault’s new PLR™ opener uses a single gauge wheel running alongside the disc, similar to other single-disc openers on the market, to set the seed depth.

This allows for consistent seed placement, even in undulating country, achieved through the combination of 510mm of travel and hydraulic down-pressure on each individual opener.

Bourgault ParaLink™ row openers (PLR™) are fitted with a hydraulic cylinder that reduces vibrations for far less wear and tear on the unit while ensuring accurate seed placement to increase yields

This ParaLink™ opener system is unique to Bourgault and provides farmers with the most precise seed placement control of any disc seeder.

Good seed-soil contact for a fast and even germination is ensured with a rubber seed-firming wheel followed by a large semi-pneumatic press wheel. Adjustment of the packing pressure comes from a heavy duty torsion spring.

Repairs and maintenance costs are always at the forefront of disc machine operators’ minds.

Growers can spend more time seeding and less time in the workshop by incorporating Bourgault’s new PLR™ opener into their set-up, as this disc seeder row opener is far more robust than average builds and has a further advantage in being a low wear design.

Growers are incorporating Bourgault’s PLR™ opener into their seeding set-up for a more robust disc seeder row opener with a further advantage of being a low wear design

Maintenance is greatly reduced with greasable 25mm (1-inch) diameter needle bearings, with seals and hardened fully plated forged pins also maximise durability. While the low 250-hour grease intervals mean greasing the machine is part of the standard seasonal maintenance for a lot of growers.

The PLR™’s independent hydraulic downforce system removes excess movement out of the operation of the unit.

With the aim to avoid designs using springs that tend to bounce and vibrate when travelling over rough or uneven ground, the PLR™’s hydraulic cylinder on each opener reduces the vibrations, resulting in less wear and tear on the unit.

With hydraulic downforce and a compound angle on the large 520mm (20.5-inch) disc, the PLR™ Opener has plenty of power to penetrate the toughest ground conditions.

With wetter than usual conditions this season many growers added the optional Hi-Flotation™ package to their Bourgault seeder and were able to plant in soft or wet conditions with more rubber under their bar

When seeder flotation is an important consideration for your farming operation, the optional Hi-Flotation™ package might be right for you.

Stay seeding for longer in soft or wet conditions with more rubber under your seeder.

As much as 70% of the weight applied from the drill to the tyres is transferred through the front running gear in a high draft scenario. Therefore, upgrading the rubber on the front of the drill is the main focus.

Large single, lugged tyres provide 65% more surface area on the mainframe, and 27% more surface area on the wing wheels.

Check availability of options and models with your local Bourgault Dealer, or go to the Bourgault website here.