Brüder Kompressors custom-built for agriculture

The Brüder Australia AG176 compressor sits on a rugged, custom-built, checker plate trailer and running gear with 15-inch wheels, all terrain tyres and off-road springs for the longest possible trailer life

Brüder Australia was the first to build a diesel compressor that was especially designed for use in cropping and general agriculture, and it has gone on to become the market leader.

When the team at Brüder Australia started to get requests for a stronger diesel compressor, they assessed the many industrial-grade units available but concluded that no current model was up to the task.

Instead, the company embarked on building a prototype of the ultimate compressor, a machine better suited to our harsh local agriculture conditions.

The Brüder Australia Kompressor didn’t arrive by chance. It was only after talking to grain growers and contractors for several months that the full list of requirements for the machine was decided.

Due to the valuable input from the farming community, there are several standard inclusions that set a Brüder Kompressor apart from industrial units that haven’t been designed for agricultural use.

There is a unique air flow system paired with filters and separators designed to combat extremely dusty conditions and high temperatures.

A vertical top-mounted exhaust was added to significantly reduce exhaust related fire risk.

The turbo-charged Kubota, 4-cylinder, diesel engine and belt-driven air-end in a side-by-side mounted configuration makes the compressor very compact.

Side-mounted controls also translate to safer operation with less risk of being run over.

A 70-litre poly diesel tank reduces the need to refill in the paddock, as it allows for all-day running.

In addition, the Brüder has an insulated cabinet that reduces noise and offers safer thermal control in extreme temperatures.

Every harvester operator should have one of these at the ready – Brüder’s diesel compressor is the first local design to be built for farmers and contractors. It has the power to blow down the biggest harvesters and is ideal to prevent an on-board fire

The unit sits on a tough custom-built braked trailer and running gear with  15-inch wheels.

It has all-terrain tyres, heavy-duty springs, a spare wheel and steel wheel guards as standard – giving it the longest possible trailer life on and off road.

The Brüder 176cfm compressor provides the power and versatility to run more than one blowdown kit and other operations include rock breakers, drills, pumps and even some minor abrasive blasting.

The most popular AG176 compressors are fitted with Kubota engines, while other compressors in the range are available with Caterpillar or Perkins power units.

All three engine manufacturers are reputable, reliable and have an extensive network of agents for service and spares.

A range of optional extras are available to complement the machines, in particular, Force 5 Megablaster blowdown guns that are extremely effective when paired with a large compressor.

Bruder-compressor hose
Hose reels with 20m of large bore hose can be mounted to the units – this saves operators from struggling to roll up stray hoses in the back of a ute

This stronger force is due to a Venturi ‘turbo’ nozzle that increases flow by up to three times at the tip. Hose reels with 20m of large bore hose can be mounted to the units, to save operators from struggling to roll up stray hoses in the back of a ute.

All other possible options are also covered, including inbuilt generators, aftercoolers, air filtration and lubrication modules.

Brüder Kompressors are in stock now but be sure to get your order in quickly as there are only limited numbers left available since the start of this busy season.

Brüder Australia can be reached on 1800 088 990 or by email


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