Case IH ClearVU gives producers the edge

Now it’s easy to store and sort out all that data with a powerful digital package from Case IH called ClearVU

After several years of planning, design and paddock-testing, ag machinery leader Case IH has combined map viewing software and farm management systems in a powerful tool called ClearVU.

This powerful digital package is designed to assist farmers with reducing the complexities around running profitable and efficient farm businesses.

In response to a need the company saw within its customer base, cloud-based tool ClearVU is launched as a partnership between Case IH and AgDNA.

“There are so many variables associated with agriculture, and a multitude of decisions farmers are faced with on a day-to-day, season-to-season basis. The current drought is just one of the massive challenges being tackled by producers at the moment, and a stark example of why we as a company need to be doing all we can to help farmers with planning decisions and management strategies,” said Andrew Kissel, Product Manager Planting and Soil Management Equipment for Case IH Australia and New Zealand.

“ClearVU is a way for farmers to store a huge variety of information in one place, and at the touch of a button, they can combine to get a clear picture of the current state of the business, the impact of past decisions and where future opportunities lie.”

Financial information, machinery use and performance, weather charts, crop data, harvest records, and fixed/variable costs and income information are all readily available in a user-friendly portal. The portal supports a range of controller types and can be accessed from a variety of devices, including via a mobile app.

The user portal allows easy access to maps and charts, including crop types, recent rainfall, and weather forecasts.

It also details activities such as of seeding, harvesting and tillage, and all can be displayed in chronological order. The activity calendar allows the user to plot their movements chronologically and provides a breakdown of each task on a daily basis.

Added to that is daily weather information and forecasts.

ClearVU’s equipment functionality can track fuel levels, send guidance lines, prescriptions and offsets directly to machines from the map screen view machine metrics, and track alerts and service issues. This is in addition to offering the ability to interact with an individual piece of machinery in the paddock via the portal.

Activity plans allow the user to generate specific seeding, application and harvesting plans over an entire season, with the added ability of being able to carry over previous plans to future seasons; while a Farm Financials page is designed to help grower’s general financial reports and manage profit and loss across their farm throughout multiple seasons.

“ClearVU gives farmers the edge in successfully maintaining their farm and machinery data in a way that’s easy to navigate, visually appealing and incredibly simple to master,” Andrew said.

“This product has been a number of years in the making, including a rigorous round of field testing by stakeholders who understand what farmers need to maximise their business’ productivity.”

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