Case IH launch 250 Series harvesters

Case IH’s Axial-Flow 250 Series will incorporate three models with grain carrying capacities ranging from 11,100 to 14,448 litres

The switch has been flicked on a new era in combine harvesting technology and productivity with the release of the Case IH 250 Series Axial-Flow combines.

The local market will welcome the 7250, 8250 and 9250, class 7, 8 and 9 models respectively with a grain tank capacity of 11,100 litres on the 7250 with the option to increase to the same 14,448 tank that is standard on the other two models.

Rubber tracks set at 762 and 914mm (30 and 36-inch) widths are available for all models.

The 250 Series are easy to pick as they sport a different look with tri-stripe decal styling and upgrades that focus on improving productivity from the combine as well as the operator.

There are now a number of automated functions that assist in maximising the efficiency and performance of the combine, and this in turn optimises quality and grain savings.

The feeder house has been redesigned to increase feeder lift capacity, feeder drive capacity, fore-aft feeder faceplate tilt and header height control.

While a new two-speed electric shift ground drive transmission provides higher tractive effort and grade-ability across a wider speed range.

And with the new transmission, the feed-rate option has been upgraded to utilise ground drive pressure and engine load to automatically determine available power for crop processing.

Enclosed hydraulic powered disc brakes, a new front axle and final drives, electronic diff lock control and scalable MFH speed control also muster increased performance in the 250 Series.

The overall running upgrades will allow operators of all experience levels to get the most productivity from their time in the cab.

The 250 Series comes with a range of options worth looking at, including new technology in the shape of AFS Harvest Command automation.

This utilises 16 sensor inputs to continuously monitor the machine and adjusts seven different settings to maximise overall combine performance.

Operators can manage this new technology through the in-cab AFS Pro700 display, and it can be set to suit the level of experience of the operator, as well as crop harvets conditions and type.

AFS Harvest Command is about ensuring high-performance levels are sustained, even should conditions change during the harvest operation, with the combine adjusting its settings to react to the changes.

Making this model more ‘user-friendly’ for anyone who gets in the cab, no matter previous experienced, has been a design focus for the 250 Series.

The Axial-Flow has been part of the Case IH stable for more than 40 years and now the 250 Series will continue the tradition of innovation while maintaining the qualities that have made the Axial-Flow a market-leading combine across the globe.

Case IH’s Axial-Flow 250 Series will incorporate three models with grain carrying capacities ranging from 11,100 to 14,448 litres