Case IH orchard cab tractor fills an important market segment for almond and macadamia growers

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The Case IH Orchard Cab tractor is now ready to order, following a series of demonstration days across the country in 2020 that provided a peek of just what this handy tractor range can do.

The striking design of the Case IH Farmall C 115 Orchard Cab tractor and its prowess around orchards during deomostration earned it the moniker of “Mad Max Tractor”

There are two models in the Case IH Farmall C Orchard Cab tractor range, the C105 and C115 with engine power of 77 and 85kW (105 and 115hp) respectively.

These models were made to zip around orchards and nut plantations quickly while handling any job tasks like mowing, fertilising, harvesting and spraying with ease.

During demonstrations the Farmall C Orchard models handled all the work easily and efficiently and their futuristic design, prompted the nickname, the ‘Mad Max tractor’.

The Case IH Farmall C115 Orchard Cab tractor with 85kW (115hp) of engine power certainly has the durability and adaptability required, while also packing a punch in the performance stakes when it comes to the challenges of the unique orchard environment. 

The distinctive low-profile cab of the tractor was designed specifically for the likes of almonds, but is also suited to other similar tree crops like macadamias.

With an overall height of just 2.1m (7ft) making it possible for the tractor to work in most orchards without damaging tree limbs and valuable fruit.

The tractor was taken on a road trip from Mildura in Victoria to Bundaberg in Queensland at the end of 2020, when a series of customer demonstration days were held.

Operators will lap up the comfort and safety of the Case IH Farmall C Orchard Cab where everything comes to hand quickly

Case IH dealership TMI, located at Nambour on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, hosted the orchard cab for a number of weeks, allowing them to organise some demonstration days for local growers who were impressed with what they saw.

“We’ve got a lot of macadamia farms around our region, and a couple of these farmers were really keen on what the orchard cab tractor could do.

“And the benefits of having one as part of their operations. In our area, there’s also a lot of potential for persimmons and limes, too,” said Shane Green, one of the owners of TMI. 

Shane said it had drawn a lot of admirers at last year’s Farm Fantastic field days in Queensland, visitors commenting on the height, the cab comfort and overall set-up of the tractor.

Despite the low-profile, the cab offers plenty of room with an emphasis on operator comfort including ergonomic control layout, large doors, cab pressuriser and climate control system, all aimed at minimising operator fatigue.

There’s also the benefit of a 360-degree view, with all the windows recessed into the cab for a smooth exterior surface that will not catch on tree limbs.

The Case IH Farmall C Orchard Cab tractor is an exciting choice for orchards and nut plantations

The tractor gets top marks in the safety stakes too, with an integrated ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) to help safeguard the operator no matter where the tractor is being used.

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty all-steel orchard fenders
  • Solar-tinted toughened laminated safety glass
  • Swing-out rear window
  • Interior dome light aiding evening and early morning work
  • Additional 49-litre fuel tank
  • Generous-sized flotation tyres to minimise surface impact

“Case IH identified a need for this type of product for the orchard and nut industries in Australia and has worked to source a quality cab design that will complement our Farmall C range of tractors,” said Seamus McCarthy, Product Manager for Mid-power & Compact Tractors.

“Designed with industry-leading features, this tractor has what it takes to help growers with the variety of jobs they need to do on a day-to-day basis, ensuring the highest level of performance, efficiency and comfort.”

The Case IH Farmall C Orchard Cab tractor is available with engine power of 77 and 85kW (105 and 115hp) and is ready to order now.

For more information contact your local Case IH dealer.