Cat 930M boosts materials handling productivity

Cat 930M with cattle
The Cat 930M Ag Handler has a wealth of smarts to speed up repetitive tasks and make loading the likes of feed mixer wagons a more accurate process.

Caterpillar has incorporated some very useful smarts into the latest 930M Ag Handler that serve to make repetitive tasks around the farm both faster and more accurate.

Any operator regularly loading a feed mixer wagon will appreciate the Kickouts function, it allows for saving lift and tilt positions and recalling them with a simple motion of the joystick. Similarly, the Production Measurement option provides for precise measurement of how much material is being loaded into the bucket – a tool that is especially helpful when trying to accurately mix feed rations.

As a rule, farming machinery is regularly called upon to perform a wide range of tasks and that’s where the 930M’s quick couplers come into their own. Whether it’s using a bucket to load a feed wagon or off-loading hay bales with a hay fork, a variety of loader attachments are needed to complete everyday tasks. Quick couplers allow operators to switch tools in less than 30 seconds without having to exit the cab and also secure the attachment more tightly to the machine to reduce component wear.

Cat 930M cabin
The 930M’s cab offers a spacious environment, automatic temperature control, low noise levels, all around visibility and low-effort joystick controls that move with you on a fully adjustable seat. suspension.

Inside the 930M’s cab operators will enjoy a spacious environment, automatic temperature control, low noise levels, all around visibility and low-effort joystick controls that move with you on a fully adjustable seat suspension.

In work Caterpillar’s performance series buckets and high lift optimised Z-bar linkage are designed to combine the digging efficiency of a traditional Z-bar with tool carrier capabilities. Parallel lift and high tilt forces throughout the working range allow for safe and confident handling of loads from bales to silage with precise control.

Caterpillar says the 930M can simultaneously lift, steer and drive without compromise due to dedicated pumps for each hydraulic system and a flow sharing implement valve governed by an intelligent power management system.

The 930M is promoted as delivering fuel savings through its lower maximum engine speed of 1600rpm in standard mode, while at the same time offering the ability to boost power on demand during transport.

There is also a performance mode that boosts power and hydraulic speed in all ranges if getting the job done quicker is the priority.

Customisation is also a feature of the 930M with the ability to fine tune machine performance with adjustments at your fingertips through the soft touch buttons and optional secondary touchscreen display.

Quickly set auxiliary flow to optimise grapple or silage defacer speed, enable auto reversing fan to breathe clean in dusty environments, toggle over to fine mode for improved control when bale stacking, adjust wheel torque to match underfoot conditions when cleaning yards and customise ride control activation speed for a smooth loaded carry run.

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