Caterpillar D Series compacts run on tracks

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Caterpillar’s compact but very bold D Series of track loaders includes the chart topping 299D that stacks 73kW (99hp) of engine thrust into a powerhouse loader that can scrape into tight yards or load quickly between paddock stacks with a tipping load over 4-tonnes

Fit into tight space with the D Series compact loader range.

Caterpillar is getting solid response from some of the most effective compact loaders on tracks ever offered.

There is a choice of seven models in the D Series Compact Track Loader range with a pressurised one-piece cab that offers a highly preferred work space where operator comfort and control is top priority.

With a fully suspended undercarriage, the low ground pressure tracks offer a wide choice of settings to suit every known application when working across soft wet ground in particular.

The 239D and 249D that kick off the compact track D Series loaders are powered by a Cat C2.2 four-cylinder engine that peaks at 44kW (60hp), at the 1500rpm mark.

Coming in at an operating weight of 3306 and 3486kg respectively, the 239D and 249D can handle a tipping load of 1860 and 2089kg with a bucket capacity of .34 to .44cub.m.

Moving up the model scale the 259D, 279D and 289D steps up a power level through a Cat C3.3B-litre engine able to gather 54kW (73hp), and can handle tipping loads of 2631, 2662 and 3449kg respectively with a bucket capacity of .40 to .63cub.m.

Caterpillar’s Intelligent Levelling system (ILEV) adds benefits such as slowing the downward motion of the bucket as it reaches its stops, pre-setting of work tool angles, and setting of digging angles

While the largest compact track D series models, the 299D and 299D XHP continue are powered by an electronically controlled 3.8-litre engine.

For the Cat 299D2 this relates to gross power of 73kW (99hp) while for the 299D2 XHP there is gross power of 82kW (110hp) on tap.

This also allows power for an auxiliary hydraulic system able to produce as much as 121 and 150-litres/min respectively for the 299D2 and 299D2 XPH to handle the most demanding powered work tools.

The 299D and 299D XHP also get the benefit of the pressurised one-piece cab and the new lift arm design.

Caterpillar has moved D Series loaders to a sealed and pressurised cab design with a one-piece modular construction in preference to the two-piece cab design found on competitive compact loaders.

For Caterpillar operators the result is a cleaner working environment in a cab that incorporates a high-back and heated air-suspension seat with integral seat-mounted joystick controls.

This integrated seat configuration also allows the entire seat/joystick control package to move up and down as a unit, helping to minimise operator fatigue.

Operators will appreciate the floating sensation of the integrated seat and controls that are coupled with Cat’s Speed Sensitive Ride Control.

Unique to Cat, is the Speed Sensitive Ride Control system uses the lift cylinders as shock absorbers for the load, and to improve retention when travelling over rough ground. Cat designers achieve this added all-terrain smoothness through a hydraulic accumulator.

Ride Control is also speed sensitive. The operator sets the activation speed using the advanced display and ride control engages automatically above this speed and disengages below it.

This makes ride control functionally useful as the operator can get maximum performance when lifting/digging at low speed without spongy loader arms and automatically activate ride control when travelling.

Operators will also be privy to an electronic dial-type throttle that permits precise rpm settings.

When the dial is in the high-idle position, the foot throttles functions as a decelerator pedal to allow an added degree of control.

This permits the operator to quickly modulate travel speed during precise manoeuvres or to regulate engine speed when using hydro-mechanical work tools.

The standard control monitor provides single-code security that helps prevent theft and unwanted operation.

While the industry exclusive Advanced Display control monitor is video capable and supports the first integrated rear-view camera ever offered on compact track loaders.

Lift arms for all D Series machines are now a sleek tubular design for improved sight lines with a narrower profile.

This design improves sight lines to the sides, to the tyres and to the work-tool/coupler interface.

The available automatic work-tool coupler is now electrically actuated, replacing the previous hydraulically actuated coupler.

D Series models have the benefit of the Cat Intelligent Leveling (ILEV) system that includes dual self-leveling, electronic snubbing, return-to-dig and work tool positioning.

Caterpillar offers D Series loaders with a sealed and pressurised cab design in a one-piece modular construction that results is a cleaner working environment with a high-back and heated air-suspension seat with integral seat-mounted joystick controls

The dual self-leveling system is able to electronically and automatically level the loader linkage when raising and lowering the lift arms.

While Electronic snubbing automatically cushions the descent of the lift arms, slowing downward motion just before the arms reach their stop.

The return-to-dig function allows the operator to set the digging angle of the bucket and then to automatically recall the setting by depressing a trigger switch on the joystick as the lift arms lower.

The work tool positioning feature allows the angle of the tool to be pre-set, as when positioning for the proper depth, and then to automatically recall the setting if the machine is repositioned.

D Series Compact Track Loaders offer unmatched convenience in serviceability.

Ground level access to all routine service points has been maintained, including filters for engine oil, engine air, hydraulics and fuel, with a battery and engine oil fill and check.

The air conditioner condenser is attached to the inside of the engine compartment door and is easily accessible for cleaning or service.

The D Series models are also fitted with an electric priming pump with automatic air bleed for the fuel system. The priming system eases the task of replacing and priming the fuel filter/water separator.

For more information about Cat D Series Compact Track Loaders, contact your local Cat dealer or view the list at: