C&C Machining wide track conversions for controlled traffic

Widetract can supply engineered axle extensions for nearly every type of tractor and avoid expensive maintenance and downtime when compared to previous generation wheel spacers

With the continued trend to Controlled traffic farming (CTF) with the aim to reduce production costs and increase yields many growers have also found a way to combat excessive soil compaction damage.

The severe effects from heavy machines extending deeper into the soil profile for growers and contractors across numerous tracks is now being beaten by converting to wider spacing, usually 3m and sometimes 4m tracks.

With fewer tracks across the paddock growers are getting a reduction in overall compacted area and improvements in soil profiles year on year – especially when combined with minimum tillage.

One of the big challenges for growers wanting to make the switch to a wider profile, has been where to source a reliable conversion product for different equipment types.

Most pioneer growers making the wider track conversion switch found when it comes to modifying the track width of your machine, it pays to get the right advice from the start.

That’s where Toowoomba Qld engineering company C&C Machining (previously Tasweld) stepped up with its 25 years of proven experience and Widetract product range.

Widetract products have been designed to assist with converting existing equipment to extended track widths for CTF without damaging or weakening the factory machine.

Widetract wheel spacers offer growers the most affordable entry into CTF. They are built to a high standard and are well designed with CNC machined flanges and easy-access holes with a tough powder coat finish.

This Fendt 936 IFS tractor was converted to 3m CTF with a Widetract kit

The Widetract system gives growers the ability to convert their equipment to wider track spacing without the many downsides of previous generation wheel spacers – increased loading on bearings, inability to use front mount implements and steering issues.

For growers and contractors that want to step it up a notch, the current Widetract product line offers engineered axle extensions for nearly every type of tractor, improving on the safety and reliability of wheel spacers.

From custom axles to off-the-shelf products for independent link suspension systems, Widetract is giving farmers the options they need to convert to CTF.

As CTF systems advanced, growers demanded an alternative to wheel spacers that didn’t put their machinery at risk.

This is where the advanced Widetract axle extensions product line sits today.

Recently, Widetract also expanded its range of products to include extended toolbar booms and walkway platforms for the John Deere CP690 and a range of bolt-on extras to modify existing issues with this cotton picker and stripper range.

C&C Engineering can supply advanced designed beam axle extensions for nearly every type of tractor.

Get more information on a Widetract system conversion best suited for your work demands, tel: 07 4633 2344, or email: info@candcmachining.com.au or check the website at: www.widetract.com.au