Challenger MT700 Series small track king

Power outputs from the Challenger MT700 Series track tractors are similar to their predecessors but an AGCO CVT transmission replaces the Cat powershift gearbox

A continuously variable transmission comes to the smaller of the two Challenger track tractors for the first time with the introduction of the latest generation MT700 Series.

Accompanying the new Accu-VT transmission is a re-designed Mobil-trac undercarriage with enhanced traction belt guidance and suspension.

Along with powertrain control technologies that promotes fuel-saving ‘low-speed, high-torque’ strategies, and a new cab with upgraded controls and precision farming features.

Revised Mobil-trac design has increased suspension travel and the three mid-rollers now pivot sideways as well as up and down to help keep the traction belt in firm contact with the ground

Challenger engineers say the latest in the line of ‘small’ track tractors is designed for results oriented agribusinesses that will appreciate the improved performance as far as ride comfort, operating efficiency and on-board intelligence to maximise up-time, productivity and profitability.

Power outputs are similar to the preceding range at 279 to 317kW (380-431hp) but the 9.8-litre AGCO Power engine is now equipped with a new hydraulically-driven concentric fan.

The fan is available with reversible flow to clear debris from intake grilles and sits in a housing close to the heat-exchangers for engine coolant and lubricant and hydraulic oil circuits.

More effective airflow control and cooling-on-demand fan drive are claimed to minimise power drain while maintaining more consistent operating temperatures.

Installing a CVT transmission from the AGCO Variable Transmission range assembled at a group manufacturing plant in Germany is exploited by

tuning the powertrain and ancillary systems such as the pto and hydraulics to keep the engine running in at relatively low speeds where the highest torque is generated.

Used effectively, this approach helps further lower fuel consumption and costs, while also reducing engine wear and tear and contribute to a quieter working environment for the operator.

An upgraded hydraulics system provides greater flow at lower engine rpm, with two load-sensing pumps and circuits providing the ability to supply different systems.

This is according to their particular requirements, whether high flow at low pressure or high pressure at a low flow rate.

The familiar Mobil-trac design has been developed with a longer 257cm (101in) wheelbase, with triple mid wheels that can pivot sideways to help keep the traction belt in constant contact with the surface.

Maxx Ride suspension uses dual coil springs and off-road style heavy duty shock absorbers to suspend the hardbar with increased travel than before. Therefore, the idlers on both undercarriage assemblies can now move independently 177mm (7in) upwards and 76mm (3in) downwards.

Cab suspension further enhances the operator’s ride comfort; it comprises two rugged coil-over shock absorbers with 100mm (4in) of travel to soften jolts and absorb vibration.

The operator also enjoys an air seat that can have an in-built vibration reduction system, semi-active suspension and ventilated back cushion.

In addition to a number of storage facilities, the new cab also brings added electronics technology to the Challenger MT700 Series tractors.

These include a 264mm (10.4in) AccuTerminal, that over rough ground can be operated using a cluster of buttons and a ‘scroll and confirm’ dial positioned top-right alongside a hand grip, or by using the touch screen.

Tractor settings, along with any adjustments are accessed through the terminal, and operators can adjust, monitor and operate ISOBUS-compatible implements, camera functions, field documentation, variable rate applications, guidance and wireless data transfer.

It also provides access to the AccuField Command headland management functions that simplify things during headland turns, while all other main controls are positioned close to hand on the Advantage armrest console.

The Challenger MT743 is also offering a new, more spacious cab and an LED lighting package that illuminates the area around the tractor more effectively

A new LED lighting package adds more light sources at the rear of the tractor, positioned to provide a clear view out to each end of a 24-row planter.

While porch lighting provides a safe view of the surrounding area while stepping from the tractor before the smart-battery disconnect powers and shuts everything down for the night.

A unique ‘concentric’ cooling fan has been designed for MT700 Series Cahallengers with the aim to channel air more efficiently without stealing too much power from the engine

Also, unique to the MT700 Series cabs is an integrated walk-around platform that providing secure, fast access for checking everything out and to clean windows in cases when the tractor is not equipped with the paddock-installed side washer/wiper system.

Back in the seat, operators get AGCO’s next generation Auto-Guide automated steering system, with either NovAtel or Trimble receivers giving access to a selection of accuracy levels and correction signals. See