Claas produces 50,000 Lexions


The 50,000th Lexion combine harvester, one of the world’s most technologically advanced harvesting platforms, has rolled off the CLAAS assembly line in Harsewinkel, Germany. Source: AFDJ eNews

Claas Lexion Product Manager, Jono Ham, says it has been at the cutting edge of international agricultural technology for more than 20 years.

The LEXION 400 series was launched in 1995 after almost a decade of development.

With a 375 hp engine, 7.5 m cutterbar and unique APS HYRID threshing and separation technology, the LEXION 480 heralded a new era of productivity and efficiency for growers and contractors.

“The 480 completely rewrote the rulebooks for performance, delivering unheard-of output levels of 40 tonnes per hour,” Mr Ham said.

“It was the first model to combine an accelerated pre-separation threshing system with twin longitudinal rotors. Approximately 70% of the separation occurs before the crop even reaches the rotors, which means the machine can operate more efficiently and longer in all conditions.

“Combined, these two technologies achieve up 20% more throughput with minimal grain loss and no increase in fuel consumption. CLAAS is still the only manufacturer to offer both systems in the one machine.”

Lexion 480 was also the first CLAAS harvester to incorporate the Claas Electronic Board Information System (CEBIS), an on-board microcomputer that monitored and controlled all the key operating systems from within the cabin.

“This technology allowed drivers to work in a comfortable cab, equipped with the integrated on-board CEBIS computer,” Mr Ham said.

“In addition, the GPS PILOT and LASER PILOT steering systems made steering the combine easier. In 1997, CLAAS introduced yield mapping using GPS references, heralding the start of precision agriculture.”

The LEXION 500 series was released in 2003, followed by the 600 series two years later.

“The 600 was the first machine capable of harvesting up to 70 tonnes of grain per hour – a massive 75% improvement in only 10 years,” Mr Ham said.

“Its massive 586 hp engine, 10.5 m variable cutterbar and 12,000 litre grain tank capacity meant it really was in a league of its own as the world’s first Class Nine combine harvester.”

The current LEXION 700 series was released in 2010.

CLAAS continues to remain at the forefront of innovation in harvesting technology, with its flagship LEXION 780 named 2016 Machine of the Year at the world’s largest agricultural technology fair, Agritechnica.

The 50,000th LEXION will be exhibited at agricultural fairs and exhibitions across Europe during the coming months.