Continual innovation and improvement drives the Roesner business

Marshall Multispread
Marshall Multipsread 800 and 900 Series machines continue to enjoy popular support amongst faarmers for their performance and reliability

Founded by Arthur E. Roesner in Harvey, Western Australia some 120 years ago, Roesner Pty Ltd  is best known as  the manufacturer of the Marshall Multispread. Today, the company continues to innovate as automation drives change in Australian agriculture.

The flagship Marshall Multispread is well known for its versatility, being able to spread granulated fertiliser, lime and gypsum, as well as manure and mulches. Multispread  machines are ideal for all forms of agriculture from small mixed farms to broadacre grain properties, vineyards and market gardens.

Since their introduction in the early 1980s, over 10,000 Multispread units have been built.

In 2013, faced with increasing competition from overseas products and a push towards automation, Roesner diversified into software and electronics to develop new products for the fast-changing Precision Agriculture market.

“Our first software product, the Multispread Calibration app, released in 2013, has over 3000 users in Australia and in 2015 the Multispread MDC app – one of Agriculture’s first hardware systems based on mobile technology and the Internet of Things – won the Dowerin Field Day, Best New Innovation Award,” said company Technical Director Matt Roesner.

The i4M range of machine controllers, mobile apps and web-based systems has been a fast-growing segment for Roesner

Sales of Roesner’s electronics systems have grown quickly, and in 2018 the company acquired Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA), an industry leading company at the forefront of Precision Farming and Variable Rate Technology. The Roesner MDC system was merged with PAA’s Ratex system, rapidly accelerating the development of the i4M brand of machine controllers, mobile apps and web-based systems.

Based in Harvey, WA, Roesner has a 7000 square metre manufacturing facility

Today, Roesner has over 7000 square metres of shed space and uses modern manufacturing methods such as digital prototyping, laser cutting, CNC machining and automated paint mixing.  “Our range of Multispreads includes the economically priced 800 Series with chain/belt feed and the premium 900 Series endless feed belt machines, with both series continuing to receive acknowledgement from farmers right across Australia about their proven performance and durability,” said Managing Director Jeff Roesner.

Roesner has an extensive Australia-wide dealer network that provides Marshall Multispread support and service with a full range of spare parts.

Freecall for your nearest dealer location on 1800 651 288, or see:


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