Coveris Crystal Clear recyclable bale wrap is all clear

Crystal Clear bale wrap provides for visible monitoring of silage quality and better recycling opportunities

A revolutionary clear bale wrap could help cut recycling costs on farms and reduce feed waste by helping farmers monitor silage quality more closely.

Manufactured by Austrian company Coveris, Crystal Clear is a clear film made using cast rollers rather than blown rollers so the plastic remains clear, but, more importantly, offers the same level of protection as coloured wrap.

The clear wrap will allow farmers to keep an eye on the fermentation process to monitor silage quality and react to mould or air in the wrap, that is not visible when using coloured wrap.

Coveris also make the claim that less damage is caused by birds pecking at bales, because they see their reflection in the wrap which scares them off.

There is also the potential for far greater recycling opportunities because while recycled black wrap can usually only be used to manufacture heavy-duty outdoor furniture, clear wrap can be used in more products.

Coveris intends to sell Crystal Clear at the same retail price as black plastic wrap.

For more information call Coveris on tel: 0043 5372 601-0 or see their website


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