Cropper Topper offers highly efficient level of trash handling

Gason Cropper Toppers cover the ground quickly as they are offered in working widths from 7.3 to 12.5m (24 to 41ft)

Local manufacturer AF Gason is proudly building on the product foundation created by Chris Grow Engineering, after acquiring the intellectual rights to a range of popular CGE machine models in 2010.

AF Gason can offer a comprehensive range of standard models to meet the needs of operators who value strong build quality and impressive operating statistics.

Since acquiring the CGE model range, AF Gason has also developed more models to satisfy evolving machinery demands imposed by legislation, farming practices and general changes that regularly arise.

Very popular in the range are the Gason Cropper Toppers. These are offered with 7.3m (24ft), 10.7m (35ft) and 12.5m (41ft) working widths. All three models are ideal for working broadacre trash residue and they give operators the choice of both size and capacity requirements.

Gason Cropper Toppers are designed with ‘all gear drive’ (no belts) and meet the requirements of serious cereal growers who demand a higher level of trashing efficiency coupled with reliable performance and a long service life.

Every model has been engineered to strict quality parameters to produce a machine that exceeds the operator’s expectations.

Special design inclusions include a 6mm folded deck plate, incorporating high discharge rear exit for an even spread of trashed stubble and clearance of bulk. This allows a high operating speed to cover more hectares per hour.

There are power matched PTO shafts/torque rubber couplings fitted between gearboxes, level lift phased hydraulic cylinders to adjust deck height and dual mulching blade assemblies to all rotors. There’s also an optional above deck hydraulically operated debris air movement kit where the fans are operated by standard tractor remotes.

These all-Australian designed models are available for delivery now by calling Tel: 03 5352 2151, Fax: 03 5352 4695, or while full model details are at: