Demonstration at Horsham – Arcusin Auto Stack FSX

The Arcusin Auto Stack FSX (large bale handler) is also being demonstrated on Monday 4 September at Horsham Vic. This live demonstration of the Arcusin Auto Stackers will provide solutions for large bale producers looking to reduce their handling cost and improve productivity. This is a great opportunity to talk to Arcusin product experts and gain feedback. Call to register 1300 477 386
These demonstrations form part of ACF Equipment Suppliers annual bale handling road trip. The Arcusin Auto Stack comes in two models, the FSX model offering a greater capacity with the extendable platform.

The Auto Stack picks up bales as they lie in the paddock, with sensors for bale detection and single turn pick up. The trailer platform tilts for easy and safe unloading. The Auto Stackers only require one operator, assisted with a in cab control panel. The Arcusin bale handling equipment reduces the amount of time and cost handling bales.

For full product details call for 1300 477 386 and also available at: