Exhibitors and visitors keep coming back to the ANFD

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Each year the Australian National Field Days (ANFD) looks for a variety of exhibitors to help promote the event and the agriculture industry. We talk to some of the fairly new exhibitors about why they keep returning and find out what they love about the ANFD.

Inside Out Bathurst/Royal Flair Caravans will be returning for their second year as they see the Field Days as a great opportunity for exposure.

“It is important to maintain consistency with our visual presence as last year we developed new client relationships with people from Louth, Coonamble, Forbes and Woodstock. This would have been hard to market from a Bathurst location,” said Owner Marty

Inside Out Bathurst/Royal Flair Caravans are a small husband and wife based business that sell a great range of products from caravans to candles. Being very new to the business last year Marty says they are now more assured of themselves, their products and the clients needs.

“The proximity of the Field Days to our clients is great and we find the staff at ANFD very accommodating, especially last year when we were such newbies, they really walked us through the process and could not have been more obliging,” said Marty.

The Catagra Group is another exhibitor that enjoys coming to the Field Days for continued exposure.

“It is all about reinforcing that we are here. The atmosphere and getting to talk to the producers and receiving their feedback about what they are looking for is really great,” said Ann Thompson, Sales and Customer Service.

The Field Days are a great opportunity to showcase the best of agriculture as well as comparing to see what might be the best fit for you.

“It makes it easier for people to compare apples with apples, with everything in one place. Meeting new customers as well as catching up with older clients to continue that relationship and answer any questions is really important,” said Ann.

Active Machinery is another well-known business that has decided to return to the Field Days again after great success last year.
“Last year we were inundated with potential buyers and in-turn sold everything on site. The opportunity to showcase our world class Active Machinery Wheel Loaders and other products to the NSW community and abroad, is also a fundamental part of business,” said Julie Mason.

Atmosphere is always a key component to the Field Days and meeting face to face with the customer is always so rewarding.

“Whilst you do get to meet new people, the “old-fashioned” way of doing business on face-to-face value is still the most unique way to complete a business deal. Although, the Internet has increased options available for buyers, it doesn’t mean that we should forget the traditional seal of a deal with a handshake. We also had some existing customers come in to say hello, which is always rewarding,” said Julie.

The Field Days provide opportunities for businesses to promote their product or service direct to those in the agriculture industry.

“You get to be apart of an extensive list of exhibitors showcasing the very best of what they have to offer at the oldest annual Agricultural Exhibition in Australia. For us, Field Days like the ANFD, builds a relationship between us, one of the longest standing importers of Chinese Equipment, with Australian buyers. It also provides an enhanced showcase for consumers who get to have a look and a feel for the potential piece of gear that they are looking for and compare value-for-money all in the one place,” said Julie.

The Australian National Field Days will continue to work alongside businesses to help promote the importance of agriculture and inform the public on ways to improve and become more efficient.

The ANFD runs from Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 October 2017 at 563 Borenore Road Borenore NSW, just15km west of Orange). Tel: 02 6362 1566 or email: info@anfd.com.au