Fendt boosts 300 Series appeal with the 314

Fendt has developed the Fendt 314 Vario like no other, it offers intuitive and individual operation as well as an ergonomic Dynamic Performance (DP) power-boost that releases 7.5kW (10hp) more power on-demand to give a top power output of 103kW (140hp)

The Fendt 314 Vario slots in at the top end of the 300 series, bringing more power and a host of technology smarts not seen before.

It’s not being released until the end of 2019 into northern European markets and no date has been set locally, but one thing is certain, this is one of the best offerings available in its power class.

The innovative Dynamic Performance (DP) power-boost on the 314 releases 7.5kW (10hp) more power on-demand, just when it’s needed. This gives it a top power output of 103kW (140hp). And this power isn’t tied to driving speeds or special operational tasks, it works purely dynamically.

The DP power boost is specially designed for stationary-PTO work like driving a feed mixer, or for transport and paddock work. This makes the 314 Vario great for farms that need a compact, lightweight and agile tractor, but one that can also meet greater power demands when required.

The 314 Vario is equipped with Fendt’s FendtONE connected platform, and this allows the tractor to communicate with mobile devices, tablets and office computers.

With FendtONE, users can plan their orders and paddock data on a computer or smart device wherever they are, then transfer them to the tractor on the mobile network.

They can also use smart farming applications like the Fendt Guide Sync tracking guide function for managing paddock data and logging tractor use, and the Fendt Task Manager application for efficient task management.

On the FendtONE platform, every operator can find their specific applications and gradually expand their functionalities. It helps the user optimise work processes, get the most out of their machines and comply with legal regulations on documentation.

When Fendt developed the operating philosophy on the Fendt 314 Vario, it focused on intuitive and individual operation as well as ergonomics.

As part of that philosophy, the 314 Vario offers a combination of three display options. These consist of a 254mm (10-in) digital steering column display (dashboard), a 305mm (12-in) terminal on the armrest and an optional 12-inch terminal in the sunroof.

The Fendt 314 Vario offers a combination of three display options, one on the steering column, one on the armrest and an optional 305mm (12-in) terminal in the sunroof

Up to six freely configurable display fields can be shown on the 305mm (12-in) terminals, while the dashboard terminal displays Fendt Guide features on up to four display fields, as well as all the machine data for road travel. The digital dashboard display is conveniently controlled by a pushdial on the armrest.

The Fendt 314 Vario will be available in Profi and Profi+ versions. For a pre-order call Fendt on tel: 1800 802 914, or go to: www.fendt.com/au/



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