FLEXI-COIL 5500 air drill gains more ground

The combination of a 24m (80ft) Flexi-Coil 5500 air drill coupled with a Flexi-Coil 33,000 litre 60 Series air cart offers a high capacity solution for large-scale growers

Built to withstand the rigours of local Australian soils, Flexi-Coil’s 5500 air drill promises to deliver precise, high performance seeding.

The 5500 air seeder is available in 18, 21 and 24m (60, 70 and 80ft) working widths and has a flexible frame that follows terrain well, which results in even and consistent seeding depth.

Flexi-Coil’s variable packing pressure system allows weight to be transferred between the front and rear sections.

It is a key function of the 5500, enabling adjustment of packing pressure by as much as 30% as paddock conditions change.

Flexi-Coil engineers have noted Australia’s susceptibility to uneven terrain and variable soil types, and the need for high stubble clearance.

And Flexi-Coil Australia Brand Leader Steve Mulder says the 5500 seeders maintain even packing pressure across the width of the bar, and since there are no wheels in the frame it has excellent trash flow.

“These seeders are engineered with innovative technology and it’s a rare find in that they’re not parallelogram.

Flexi-Coil’s 5500 air drill is available in 18, 21 and 24m (60, 70 and 80ft) working widths and has a flexible frame that follows terrain for an even and consistent seeding depth

“This is a tyne machine , with single point depth control and deliver good soil to seed contact, whatever the ground you’re dealing with,” Steve says.

Since Flexi-Coil introduced the 24m (80ft) 5500 air drill, Steve says quite a few have sold to several large growers in the wheatbelts of Western Australia and New South Wales.

“We recommend that you pair the 5500 air drill with a Flexi-Coil 60 Series air cart, but that is optional of course. However, so far all the 24m (80ft) models we have sold have been with a 60 series cart,” Steve says.

The Flexi-Coil 60 series air carts are ideal for broadacre farmers growing cereals, legumes and oilseeds.

The range includes seven air carts, with capacities up to 33,000 litres. Growers who buy the 5500 air seeders fit them with their own single or double shoot openers depending on the type of soil they work in.

Flexi-Coil has 50 dealers across Australia. Speak to your local dealer about demonstration days or go to the website https://flexicoil.com.au/ for more model information.