Flow-Easy range of vibrators solves any bulk material flow problem

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Flow-Easy hydraulic vibrators can operate at less than 2000psi and are a practical alternative when long run times are required in mobile agricultural and spreading equipment

Flow-Easy vibrators are distributed by Melbourne-based Enmin, an Australian market leader in the area of material handling systems and vibratory equipment.

Flow-Easy vibrators were previously marketed under the Enmin brand but have recently been re-branded Flow-Easy.

“Our Industrial vibrator sales have risen significantly over the last few years becoming a key product in the Enmin range.

“Giving the vibrators their own individual brand name made sense from both a commercial and customer perspective,” said Enmin General Manager, Anthony Gallaher.

“The name Flow-Easy clearly and immediately communicates what the product does: loosening compacted bulk material and speeding up the transfer process,” Mr Gallaher added.

A Flow-Easy vibrator ensures smooth, unrestricted flow of materials in any bulk handling environment, thereby maximising productivity and cost efficiency.

Flow-Easy vibrators will solve any flow problems in bulk storage containers like grain silos and hoppers

The vibrators suit any industry that handles bulk material. The range is specifically designed to suit our harsh environment and are sold into a multitude of industries including bulk grain handling.

Storing bulk material in bins and hoppers can often come with flow problems; common issues can be the result of bridging, ratholing, clinging and arching.

Manually clearing a built-up hopper with a hammer or breaker bar is unsafe, time consuming and detrimental to the hopper’s construction and performance long term.

Using vibration is the simple low-cost answer to rectifying and preventing the problems, ensuring far more efficient, ongoing material flow.

“A Flow-Easy vibrator will fluidise the most difficult materials in your storage vessel and prevent costly blockages in bins and silos,” said Mr Gallaher.

Fitting a vibrator requires minimal changes to a hopper as it is attached externally using a mounting plate, standard hardware and pneumatic or electrical fittings.

Low voltage solenoid and timer combinations or PLC signals ensure the vibrator can be activated on demand, when required meaning no more stopping to free the materials.

Because there are no internal modifications to the structure required, installation is complete in a matter of hours. Individual hoppers can vary in size, shape and volume, which can make it difficult to fix flow issues with a generic solution.

Enmin offers custom solutions and can mark-up any 3D Model or 2D Auto Cad technical drawing to show the exact positioning of the vibrator according to a customer’s needs.

With more than 40 years of experience in the market, Enmin also offers full site audits to provide advice on how Flow-Easy vibrators can be best used to improve productivity.

“We are one of the few companies that can offer the complete package; not only the vibrator but also an engineered mounting plate and installation guidelines, pneumatic controls, filter and lubrication systems and of course expert advice – we’re a complete one-stop solution,” Mr Gallaher went on to say.

Aside from the immediate improvement in productivity, Flow-Easy vibrators

reduce operator workload, improve workplace safety and minimise WH&S claims.

The immediate improvement in productivity means that the ROI is achieved quickly.

Like all Enmin equipment, Flow-Easy vibrators are designed and manufactured to provide excellent reliability and outstanding durability when correctly installed and maintained.

An extensive range is available, including ball, piston, turbine, single and three phase vibrators, with quantity and size varying depending on the application.

For food grade applications, Flow-Easy supply a range of acetal plastic and stainless steel vibrator options to ensure hygiene standards are met.

For applications in some of the harshest environments, Enmin’s ball vibrators are supplied with stainless steel covers and, as with their piston vibrators, are coated with Steelite paint to reduce wear and corrosion.

“By performing regular preventative maintenance and depending upon the environment it’s located in, a Flow-Easy vibrator can last for up to 25 years,” Mr Gallaher concluded.

Flow-Easy vibrators are distributed by Melbourne-based Enmin, an Australian market leader in the area of material handling systems and vibratory equipment.

Find out more on tel: (03) 9800 6777, or go to the Flow-Easy website.