Future Proofing Food takes top billing at National Science Week 2021

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How do you feed 10 billion people on a planet hit by climate change?  This year’s science festival will tackle that question head on
Food security will require significant scientific innovation in the face of accelerating climate change

National Science Week 2021 runs from August 14th to the 22nd with in-person and online events, virtual tours, DIY science and more, all across Australia.

Keeping people fed in the face of accelerating climate change is a crucial question and Australian agriculture is already in the firing line with droughts, floods and devastating fires.

Luckily, hundreds of Australian scientists are working hard to deliver solutions to the sector.

Science week attendees can hear talks on a broad range of research projects including:

  • Getting our protein from edible insects – Kim Johnson (Melbourne).
  • Improving food crops grown in hostile soils – Peter Ryan (Canberra).
  • Making self-fertilising legumes – Ulrike Mathesius (Canberra).
  • Making nitrogen nutrition in plants less expensive – Brent Kaiser (Brisbane).
  • Plants for good guts and industrial hemp – Rachel Burton (Adelaide)
  • Adapting rice, wheat and other crops to cope with more frequent flooding due to climate change – Timothy Colmer (Perth).

In Melbourne, attendees can even tour a research lab where Cellular Agriculture Australia scientists are working to develop sustainable meat.

National Science week will also address the topics of Ocean health, Entertainment, business, environment, food and wine, Indigenous issues, the Arts, health, sport, technology, lifestyle, education, and disability media.

To find out what’s on near you visit ScienceWeek.net.au/events.