Gason 2210 Air Seeder is the biggest from its stable

The Gason 2210, 21,300-litre air seeder has 3 individual bins. Variable rate can be fitted with options including load cells on each bin, a pasture planter and large 280mm (11-inch) load/unload auger

Gason has a winning model this season with the 2210 air seeder and it’s also their biggest model release to date.

The 2210’s come with a massive 21,300-litre capacity that is made up from three bins offering a 32/41/27 split. This is why every grower will find a winning formula, as there are just so many combinations available, and it is easier to extend the time between refills.

Add to this a load cell option that allows independent monitoring of each bin for precise on-the-go recording of product usage.

Precision seed placement can be achieved in combination with the next generation 18m (60ft) Gason Scari-Maxx, Hydra-Maxx or Para-Maxx 100 series planters

These low profile bins have walk through access to bin lids and this turns filling into a breeze. There is no need to be on top of the bin or bend down to unlatch the lids.  Handrails also remain in place when filling, making this huge air seeder one of the safest on the market for bin access.

It also has a robust and reliable hydraulic drive metering system with manual override to ensure nothing will stop you from completing the task at hand.

The high capacity 280mm (11-inch) diameter auger on the 2210 enables it to shift 1200kg/minute of wheat for quick filling times. The auger hopper can also be manoeuvred under all three bins for emptying as required.

Monitoring options include a Farmscan, Topcon, Trimble or John Deere dry rate controller. The unique benefit of individually mounted bins gives the ability to monitor and self-calibrate each bin when fitted with load cells

The 2210 series is available as a Front Tow or Rear Tow model. The Rear Tow version has the latest positive steer system to allow for minimal turn radius at headlands. The SR meterbox is fitted as standard to this model and ensures easy access to the meter-wheel assemblies when changing product.

External and internal bin lights are also supplied as standard. An optional 600-litre small seeds box with load cells can provide the ultimate system for monitoring seed usage.

Monitor options available for Gason seeders are the Farmscan 7500, Topcon X35 and Topcon ISOBUS controller, Trimble Field IQ controller and the John Deere Rate Controller to attach directly to a 2630 or Gen 4 monitor.

Precision seed placement can be achieved in combination with the next generation 18m (60ft) Gason Scari-Maxx, Hydra-Maxx or Para-Maxx 100 series planters. This is the result of collaboration between the Gason and Hydac companies.

The planter’s unique electric-over-hydraulic system enables the operator to perform a series of functions – all controlled from the tractor seat. The function to control both height and wing fold are hydraulically controlled through one set of tractor remotes.

The system comprises of a hydraulic manifold valve block, an electrical control system and joystick operation. High pressure hydraulic filters protect the circuit from any contamination.

The joystick can be strategically mounted in the tractor cab and controls multiple operations. The height control operation offers both a one-touch-auto-mode or manual control, giving the operator the complete on-the-run flexibility at headlands or mid-run.

The wing fold operation runs through a sequence of events that activates both wing fold and height at the appropriate stages to effectively compress the mammoth structure into a tight transport envelope.

When coupled with a 2210 Front Tow seeder for example, a purpose-built mount frame to accommodate an optional ProTrakker auto-tracking hydraulic hitch is also available. This device provides the ultimate in self-tracking systems to ensure the planter remains in-line, regardless of variations in soil profiles. Leading to a dramatic improvement in the 2210’s ability to perform inter-row plantings.

For 70 years, Gason has manufactured quality machinery for Australian farmers and the company has built a reputation for innovative design and superior build.

The all-Australian designed Gason 2210 air seeder is available for pre-season delivery by calling tel: 03 5352 2151, fax: 03 5352 4695, or while full model details are at: or download the Gason app today.

Gason 2210 Air Seeder Vital Specs

Model 2210 RT
Front Bin Capacity (litres) 6700
Middle Bin Capacity (litres) 8750
Rear Bin Capacity (litres) 5900
Total Capacity (litres) 21300
Tow Type Rear Tow
Bin Split 32/41/27
Front Wheel Equipment
– Front Tyre Size 23.1-30
Rear Wheel Equipment
– Rear Tyre Size 900/60-R32
SR Meterbox
– 6 Outlet standard
– External Work Lights standard
– Internal Work Lights standard
– Front Wheels – Quad (steer) standard
– Rear Walkaway Access optional
– 11″ Auger optional
– RT Rear Hitch optional
Hydraulic Option
– Air Warmer optional
– Extra Head Blockage Sensors optional
– Sowing Kit Option optional
– Farmscan 7500 Canlink (for Variable Rate Drive) standard
– Topcon Controller (for Variable Rate Drive) optional
– Trimble Ready (FMX, FM1000) optional
– John Deere (Dry Rate Controller) Less GS3 monitor optional
Load Cells optional