Get set for the Irrigation event of the decade – book your seat

The 2018 Irrigation Expo will have everything about smart water delivery on show including the most cost effective irrigation packages

Australia’s biggest irrigation event will provide a unique opportunity to discover the best way to boost productivity in the paddock.

The Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition will take place from the 13 to 15 June 2018 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney NSW.

The reason the event is so popular is because it offers unique insights into irrigation in agriculture, horticultural and for extended space irrigation.

This is the main event in Australia covering the entire irrigation supply chain from manufacturers to retailers and is by far the best source to check on new irrigation solutions and technology.

Irrigation accounts for about 70% of water use in Australia, and is highly productive and profitable. Irrigated agriculture generates 50% of all agricultural profit from just 0.5% of farmed land.

Improvements to on-farm efficiency have been beneficial in recent years and could be further developed and adopted to meet any reduction in water availability. There is already a focus on producing more crop from the same amount of water, or more profit from the water used. This is achieved by considering the whole farm enterprise and measures that improve crop quality, not just crop production.

The measures include new crop varieties, the use of deficit irrigation, irrigation flow monitoring, more even watering by laser levelling of paddocks, better irrigation scheduling, lining of farm channels to reduce seepage losses, and converting irrigation systems from gravity systems to sprinkler or drip irrigation.

Expert keynote addresses at the Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition will discuss many of these issue and industry developments such as water quality and explain how solutions are being found, including innovative ways of working within local areas.

A major focus will be on the latest solutions such as the widespread uptake of SMART Irrigation practices, and how irrigators can afford such an investment.

You can register as a conference delegate or trade visitor to be part of the 3500-plus industry professionals who will gather together in June 2018 to get a glimpse of the future of irrigation. Early bird rates apply for conference tickets purchased now.

This exhibition will be the largest display of irrigation products, technologies and solutions for all irrigation professionals and associated industries with 200-plus exhibitors showcasing products and services.

You can register for the event at