Goldacres G4V sprayer adds higher level of efficiency

Goldacres released the G4V sprayer to fill special requirements for horticultural operators who wanted slower working speeds, higher water rates, narrow wheel tracks and a tight turning radius of just 2.9m

One of the most recent additions to the Goldacres range is the all-new G4V Horticultural sprayer. And while from a distance this sprayer may look like its dry land broadacre and cotton sprayer cousins, a closer look will show it’s much different.

Goldacres had to allow for the fact horticultural operators have specialist requirements such as slower working speeds, higher water rates, narrow wheel tracks and a tight turning radius of just 2.9m.

Goldacres was able to fill those requirements and the G4V sprayer now offers a level of performance and efficiency not seen before. Delivering product to just where its required encompasses a design centred around a 4000-litre main product tank that is coupled with boom widths across 36m. The multi-stage centrifugal spray pump operates at 400-litres/min.

Riding on large diameter 116.8cm (46-in) wheels this is combined with four-wheel steering to provide outstanding ride and sprayer manoeuvrability.

Wheel tracks can be set from 1.81 to 2.36m using bolted adjustable rims.

Cummins power provides a QSB 4.5-litre engine, with Tier 3 emissions at 119kw (160hp), 622N.m (459lb-ft). This is coupled to a four-wheel drive hydro mechanical driveline and it all adds up to giving the G4V outstanding performance in almost any situation.

The G4V has been packaged with an uncompromising level of quality components, integrated systems, operator ergonomics and high-end specifications.

The G4V is proving to be a popular sprayer among contractors due to its drive system, 4-wheel steering and wheel track options along with a range of Delta series flat folding booms at 18, 21, and 24m. While TriTech series flat folding boom come in 24, 28, 30 and 36m widths on this model.

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