Goldacres set to lead in weed seeking status

Goldacres has developed what is possibly the most advanced weed sensing system available for its sprayers – available as a factory fitted option to a range that is designed and built locally.

Goldacres has entered into an agreement with French company Bilberry to fit the latest weed sensing technology system as a factory option on the Goldacres range of sprayers.

Goldacres is currently working with Bilberry to develop the architecture needed to integrate their weed-sensing camera system, with Goldacres’ sprayer rate controller.

This addition to the range is so important that Bilberry has set up an office in Australia, and is working closely with the

local Goldacres engineering Department to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Goldacres has chosen Bilberry’s artificial intelligence (AI) camera platform as its fundamentally more advanced than any other sensor systems on the market.

Bilberry’s AI system uses high-speed, high-definition cameras and deep learning AI logic to determine what is a weed and what is not.

Initially the system is limited to green-on-brown recognition, but with the support of Goldacres’ engineers local development and testing will soon see the system made capable of delivering green-on-green in-crop weed recognition.

With this technology the possibilities are endless.

Basically, if you can see the weed in the crop, for example ryegrass in canola, then the camera can detect it.

The recognition technology option will be available on booms up to 48m (160ft) wide.

This technology will prove to be an enormous cost saving for growers.

Already  results are showing chemical savings of up to 80%, and this obviously leaves more dollars in grower’s pockets.

G4 Crop Cruisers are middle-weight contenders with the most popular model offering a 4000-litre tank and boom sizes from 24 to 36m (80 to 120ft). These machines have a lightweight footprint, a 4-metre turning radius and adjustable width axles that have made them hugely successful in cotton production

In addition, there is the much reduced risk of crop yield losses due to blanket spraying, and this is an important area that is not always identified or calculated in the savings made.

With the Goldacres weed sensing technology system it gives operators the ability to use a more powerful mix to target more difficult weeds that have over time built a resistance to certain chemicals.

It is also possible to blanket spray a normal mix rate when sprayers are equipped with this system.

Another big benefit out of this will be less spray drift into the nearby environment. Operators will be using less chemical and water, but be able to achieve better results in weed control.

As the need arises to equip sprayers with more advanced technology, Goldacres has responded by investing in its engineering team.

The number of staff focused on new technology and electronic development has tripled over the past 12 months, and they have been successful in providing solutions to a wide range of applications.

Its proactive approach to research and development is evident in the added value that can be seen with the release of the popular Goldacres range of G-Series self-propelled sprayers.

These high capacity, high clearance and high-performance sprayers are well suited to our local conditions for large-scale dry land farming and a specialist model for horticulture.

Goldacres G-Series sprayers are fully designed, engineered and built in Ballarat Vic to service our local unique and demanding conditions.

The first thing operators notice is the spraying performance as the G-Series offers easy handling due to its inbuilt exceptional power to weight ratios.

Added to that is an industry-leading boom ride that in part helps to achieve excellent fuel efficiency results.

Goldacres have also paid attention to how growers will evaluate this capital equipment purchase, by ensuring that the return on investment is maximised.

Goldacres is confident it is offering the best value sprayer through its mechanical driveline system, that it ensures is the best option to save serious money on operating costs.

When compared to hydrostatic drive models, Goldacres claims its mechanical driveline reduces maintenance costs, saves fuel and produces less noise and heat.

In addition, the G-Series machines are able to operate at lower engine rpm with less power required, while providing more torque at the wheels and delivering a much longer component life.

Current owners have reported their Goldacres Crop Cruisers only use a third of the fuel that their previous hydrostatic drive sprayers demanded, spraying in the same paddock conditions.

Our local spraying applicants varying substantially from that of North America and Europe due to higher spraying speeds, lower water rates and generally harsher weather conditions.

Taking these factors into account, the Goldacres range has been developed to operate with maximum efficiency and reliability in Australian conditions.

The G6 Crop Cruiser is one of the most popular models in the Goldacres range and provides a 6000-litre tank mated to a TriTech boom width of up to 42m (140ft)

G-Series Crop Cruisers

The company now offers seven variants in its G-Series self-propelled sprayer range and their popularity means they make up fully 70 per cent of the Goldacres business.

Top of the line in the fleet is the G8 with its huge 8000-litre product tank and a full-time 4WD system to ensure it can successfully tackle any terrain in most conditions.

Providing power for the G8 is a Cummins Tier 3 QSB 6.7-litre, 6-cylinder engine with power bumped up to 194kw (260hp) and 987N.m (728 lb-ft). An Allison 3000 series 6-speed auto transmission delivers that power to the wheels.

Three boom widths are

available for the G8 spanning 36 and 42m (120 and, 140ft) and the new 48m (160ft) tri-folding TriTech boom.

The 48m (160ft) TriTech boom can be easily converted to three spraying widths.

With all wings folded out 48m (160ft) is reached, outer wings folded in give a 36m (140ft) spray width and outer and

second boom sections folded in give a 20m (65ft) spray width.

Infinite nozzle spacings further expand spraying flexibility.

A step down from the G8 are the very popular G5/G6 Crop Cruisers with either a 5200 or 6000-litre product tank, and proven TriTech boom range of up to 42m (140ft).

These models are a great fit for growers and contractors as they can be customised with a broad range of options to suit any specific operation.

These models are fitted with a Cummins Tier 3 QSB 6.7-litre,

6-cylinder engine rated to 168kw (225hp) and 949Nm.

An Allison 2500 series 6-speed transmission with electronic push button selection gets the power to the ground with maximum efficiency.

Goldacres G3/G4 Series Crop Cruisers are middle-weight contenders with the most popular model offering a 4000-litre tank and boom widths from 24 to 36m (80 to 120ft).

These models have a lightweight footprint, a 4-metre turning radius and adjustable width axles that have made them hugely successful in cotton production.

One key criteria Goldacres had in building these medium frame Crop Cruisers was to deliver a high-capacity sprayer with a low gross weight and large diameter tyres.

These functions combine to minimise soil disturbance while providing the ability to get back on the crop sooner after rain.

Design choices such as using a lighter four-cylinder engine, an aluminium cased transmission, trussed main chassis rails, and mounting the main product tank directly into the chassis without the need for a tank cradle all contribute to overall weight reduction, without sacrificing strength or reliability.

In response to customer demand, Goldacres released a 4WD variant of the G4 machine that is a popular model for those operating in wet or boggy conditions.

3-way boom suspension

Key components of the success of Goldacres self-propelled and trailing sprayers are the company’s Delta and Tri-Tech spray booms.

These booms offer a 3-way suspension system that allows them to follow paddock contours while maintaining a consistent spray boom height and avoiding over or under application of chemical.

The first part of the suspension system works by isolating the spray boom from the tanker/cab chassis to allow the boom to follow the contours of the paddock and so maintain a consistent spray height from the target crop.

Secondly, boom yaw control eliminates forward and any backwards movement of the spray boom. Booms without yaw control constantly over and under apply chemical as they move forward and backwards over the target.

The final piece of the three-way suspension system is the boom pitch control to prevent up and down movement, again to maintain a consistent nozzle height from the target crop but also to protect the spray boom itself.

As well as its full range of broadacre, horticulture and pasture sprayers, Goldacres also caters for contractor and home and garden markets with a range of smaller trailers, and tray mounted and three-point linkage sprayers.

In total there are some 65 models to choose from.

Goldacres believe the option of their weed sensing technology will give customers confidence in selecting a sprayer that is built specifically for their future spraying needs, with a nationwide dealer network for parts and service back up.

For more information on a Goldacres weed sensing model to fit your operation, call 1300 301 853, or go to the website:


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