Ag Growth International AGI expands regional operations

AGI is set to become a major supplier of grain handling and storage equipment in Australia as well as offering grain buying opportunities from six continents. Headquartered in Winnipeg Canada AGI has acquired more than 35 brands spanning seed, fertiliser, grain, and feed systems during its operation

AGI is well positioned to supply a wide range of on-farm grain handling and storage systems to larger processor installations in Australia, with the added benefit of being able to sell grain across six continents.

Ag Growth International (AGI) is making its portfolio of grain handling – storage – conditioning and marketing solution more readily available to Australian and New Zealand farmers.

And while AGI will connecting all these grain handling elements locally it also has the credentials to increase the profit for each farm by marketing our grain worldwide.

Grain Exports will make up a major part of our future grain growing growth as we currently produce enough food to feed 60 million people, but only have a population of 25 million.

All this additional grain will be handled by firms such as AGI and sold into export markets where Australia already has a strong reputation for farm produce.

AGI is heavily immersed in global food infrastructure where it provides the equipment and technology required to handle large harvests by storing processing and transporting crops.

With the infrastructure AGI currently has available it is seen as a global leader in the manufacture of solutions and systems across grain, fertiliser, food, feed and seed platforms.

With Australia now added to the mix, AGI is able to offer its infrastructure across the globe, including, North America, Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. Produce is taken from the farm and marketed into commercial food applications across six continents.

AGI is offering the grain industry the simplicity of dealing with one supplier that can meet every need for growers and storage depots, as well as marketing the grain. All packaged into one-stop turnkey solutions.

While the AGI name will not be familiar to everybody, AGI product lines have been sold to growers in Australia since 1983.

AGI provides handling equipment solutions for all types of grains, lentils, fertilisers as well as wood pellets, feed pellets, fish meal, rice, and beans

Initially through its grain handling line of Westfield augers and Batco conveyor belts, well represented on many farms across the country. The company has also sold its storage solutions under its Westeel and MFS brands.

On a corporate grain handling scale, it was AGI that worked recently with GrainCorp to create a more efficient network of storage sites across Australia’s eastern grain belt.

AGI expertise and product manufacture was a vital link in helping to design and manufacture the facilities that has allowed GrainCorp to expand and upgrade of its network.

The entry of AGI into the Australian supply chain will benefit growers trying to compete in the global market by dramatically reducing inter-continent costs.

AGI’s Australian Business Manager, Peter Forster, says inefficiency and high costs within the Australian supply chain has previously hurt growers trying to compete in the global market.

“Geographically, Australia is a vast continent with its regional population spread thin. This, along with ageing infrastructure, has led to the local supply chain becoming one of the most expensive in the world,” Peter explains.

“However, Australian grain is high quality and significantly sought after in the Asian market. AGI is dedicated to upgrading local infrastructure to drive down costs and help the industry compete globally.

“Our partnerships play a significant role in this. They allow us to provide customers with face to face expertise and can draw on the support of a major manufacturer,” Peter Forster added.

The AGI dealer network works on-farm with growers and is also able to extend their expertise to large commercial storage and handling facilities by designing and assembling bulk handling systems.

Monitoring technology is a significant part of AGI’s Australian offering, particularly for keeping materials cool, nutritious and properly fumigated.

The AGI product range also includes current monitoring technology to keep crops at the right temperature, maintain the nutrients and keep any pests away.

This considerable product range covers aeration, conditioning and monitoring systems to provide the information growers and storage facilities need to make operational decisions.

With our local grain industry struggling to maintain its global position due to the current drought, AGI’s interest in our market and offer to expand our reach comes at a good time.

This expansion will come through AGI’s unique position it has in so many world markets and from its technology being developed to the utmost level in food traceability and supply chain management.

AGI has indicated it expects the Australian market to continue to be a growth opportunity in the future and one that it feels confident it can help move forward.

An expanding portfolio of turnkey solutions will be coupled with the continued supply of Hi Roller belts, Neco dryers, Union Iron elevators, MFS silos and Yargus fertiliser systems.

AGI has stood behind all the products it has supplied here since 1983. And as a result, the national distributor network has confidence that it can respond rapidly to the needs of growers and bulk storage facilities.

As requirements for handling equipment have been upgraded dramatically over the years, AGI provides solutions for all types of grains, lentils, fertilisers as well as wood pellets, feed pellets, fish meal, rice, and beans.

As a result, the product range now includes 36m (120ft) swing away augers that rapidly filling large silos and bunkers. And in addition, a wide range of belt conveyors that move more demanding products quickly.

AGI’s auger elevators and conveying solutions provide options for all growers as well as commercial operations with handling rates ranging from 100 to 2000-tonnes/hr.

They have delivered products into every grain growing region of the world, sometimes under demanding climatic conditions. As a result, AGI can tailor a solution to achieve any ustomers’ requirement.

AGI has a proven range of on-farm storage systems that have been seen as the key for growers to achieve real gains.

These start with small hopper bottoms and extend to large silos.

AGI’s SURETRACK offers software solutions that benefit grain growers and processors.
These include BINMANAGER which is an automated grain storage management software

All have the inherent benefit of being designed for durability and constructed from steel select to provide added strength from stiffeners for the walls and roofs.

AGI silos are designed and built to be sealed for fumigation and current Australian and New Zealand owners will agree these are silos that will perform under any conditions.

AGI do have a unique advanced control system they call SURETRACK. It is a technology that allows growers to control the quality of their stored grain as well as market directly to a buyer or processor.

This system firstly gives growers the ability to monitor their grain to make sure the quality is kept locked in, as well as reduce insect risk.

Additional value is added by rehydration or drying, by controlling moisture to a high level of accuracy.

With SURETRACK available through a phone or computer, you can control your bins from anywhere in the world and market direct to a buyer.

The power of SURETRACK gives growers the ability to increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle, from seed selection to improved crop growth, to grain storage management, to marketing and selling the grain.

AGI have a lot to offer local growers from initial grain handling and storage to selling grain at the best price possible.

Get in on the ground floor, contact AGI’s Australian Business Manager, Peter Forster on tel: 0477 474 726, see the website: or email:


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