GSI grain storage also leads in handling and drying

GSI has rapidly expanded its local operation to supply silos from 3 to 30,000 tonnes with the industry’s largest range of grain drying and conditioning products

GSI 40-series flat-bottomed silos are available through an established dealer network that works with customers from the initial site analysis through to developing a custom grain storage plan. Capacities start from 25 tons and head all the way up into the multiple thousands of tonnes depending on the needs of any given operation

GSI has been a worldwide leader in the grain storage industry for over 40 years.

With a global supply chain and the industries widest selection of products, GSI has all the resources and expertise to provide customers in Australia with the grain storage system and accessories to meet their specific requirements.

Optimum storage is crucial when it comes to the quantity and quality of the final output, as many crops lose quality during storage due to uncontrolled heat and moisture.

GSI has Australia’s most comprehensive range of both professionally built flat-bottom silos and flat packed conical base silos that can be delivered for self-assembly.

Flat Packed Hopper Silos

The GSI range of flat packed hopper silos has been very popular with growers erecting themselves in sizes from 2.7 to 6.4m (9 to 21ft) in diameter with storage capacities from 8.76 to 169 tonnes – go from a flatpack to fully erected as you require

The GSI range of flat packed hopper silos range from 2.7 to 6.4m (9 to 21ft) in diameter with storage capacities from 3 to 169 tonnes.

These flat packs range from 4.32 to 12.28m in height and incorporate from 2 to 10 rings of corrugated sheets in their build and can be sealed for fumigation.

GSI flat packed silos with ‘bolt together’ portable bases can be assembled by growers onsite and this eradicates the need for permanent more expensive concrete bases – there is a huge size range available to fit any location with height/width restrictions easily overcome.

GSI offers the most complete on-farm storage systems available with the every conceivable accessory able to be included

Flatpacks can be erected with standard hand tools, a great use of downtime on wet days or during the off season.

GSI’s product range also includes flat bottom silos; these range in volume from 3 to 30,000 tonnes on-farm capacities through to unlimited large-scale commercial volumes.

40-Series flat-bottomed Silos

For a more permanent, higher capacity solution, GSI provides its 40-series flat-bottomed silos.

In this case GSI’s will consult with customers from the initial site analysis through to developing a custom grain storage plan and final completion of the project.

Capacities start from a few hundred tons and head all the way up into the multiple thousands of tons depending on the needs of any given operation.

Standard sizes for on-farm storage are held in stock

The side wall sheets are made from high tensile steel rated up to 70,000psi (450 MPa) minimum. A commercial G-90 galvanised steel coating increases life and durability.

Larger capacity bins or bins located in high wind areas are stiffened with sidewall stiffeners and wind rings.

A range of options are available for 40-series bins to achieve effective aeration, drying and loading and unloading.

“In-Bin” Drying and Cooling:

A canola floor unique to GSI has small aeration holes that allows it to maintain a clean and hygenic underfloor area
GSI offer the largest range of fans and grain heaters on the market with system designs for grain cooling through to in bin drying

GSI can also supply the industries widest range of fans and grain heaters and will provide customers with a customised aeration design for new or existing silos.

GSI systems can also ‘backwards’ engineer existing aeration systems to give you a computer simulated estimate of the cooling and drying potential of an existing silo.

New System designs are available for grain cooling through to in bin drying and automation control systems are also available.

A unique canola floor is available for ultra clean under floor hygiene, with no aeration performance loss.

This is the industry’s most advanced floor with small holes to prevent dust and trash falling through, yet high total floor openings to prevent air flow restrictions meaning superior aeration and cooling performance for your grain.

For underfloor clean out simply open the plenum doors, turn the fan on and be left with a super clean and hygienic floor


With a GSI single module portable dryer it allows growers to start harvesting grain earlier at higher moisture levels for increased yields and higher profit

For the ultimate in storage and drying, GSI’s TopDry unit gives you the best of both worlds of a high capacity automated dryer, and storage in one (up to over 900 tonnes storage).

TopDry by GSI has a high capacity grain dryer built in the top section of the silo (up to 40 tonnes per hour), and then drops the grain into the storage and cooling section below

The cooling section provides ‘low speed’ cool air flow for gradual and high-quality processing allowing you gain a quality premium over traditionally dried grain.

Traditional Grain dryers have the same high speed airflow in both the drying and cooling sections which stresses the grain lowering quality.

GSI also offers a single module portable dryer to allow customers to start harvesting grain earlier at higher moisture levels, thereby increasing yields and improving profits.

Drying wait times are shortened, weather risks minimised and grain losses reduced. LPG, natural gas and diesel versions available with industry leading quiet fans.

NEW Versaloop

VersaLoop from GSI will improve your farm storage system from top to bottom and speed up your grain handling process. VersaLoop is available in 203mm (8 inches) (100tph or 4,000 BPH), 254mm (10 inches) (150tph or 6,000 BPH) and 12 inches

For moving grain, a wide range of conveyers and bucket elevators are also available including the versatile VersaLoop round tube chain conveyer.

VersaLoop will improve farm storage systems from top to bottom and speed up the grain handling process. With many inlet and discharge options, VersaLoop can be used in several key functions across your grain system making grain movement easier than ever.

VersaLoop is available in 200mm (8in), 250mm (10in) and 300mm (12in) sizes and has a maximum length of 99m. It can accommodate inclines of up to 60 degrees to load taller bins. For more details on GSI commercial bulk and on-farm grain management systems, email: GSI or call Tim Pfeiffer direct on mobile: 0447 469 767.