GSI Silos introduce a plan to reduce grain storage costs

GSI is now offering the most affordable grain storage this season with an on-farm 1,300-tonnes package working out to just $18 per tonne/per year including a 42ft Silo with foundations, aeration, stair access and unloading equipment – other sizes are also in stock and ready to deliver

GSI has introduced a finance plan that allows growers to store more grain on-farm, and as a result offers more control of farming operations to maximise profit potential.

GSI offers the resources growers need to help plan the perfect grain system, as well as everything they need to keep a system running efficiently and safely.

Expanding on-farm grain storage gives greater control of operations and helps to maximise grain quality and profit

Whether you are constructing a large facility, considering ways to move and dry grain more efficiently or looking to improve the bottom line with improved on-farm storage and conditioning, GSI’s proven systems are engineered to increase productivity and profitability.

One call will initiate immediate delivery of a 11m (36ft) by 7-ring 610 tonnes capacity Silo and it can be optioned with every known GSI accessory, and even a Massey Ferguson generator for good measure.

While for bigger capacity storage there is a 13m (42ft) by 10-ring 1540 tonnes capacity Silo available that many growers will be looking to fill this season.

And to show the benefit of dealing with a company the size of GSI, every Silo can be supplied with proven handling equipment and perhaps best of all, AGCO finance at a very competitive $18 per tonne/per year for 5 years.

This on-farm storage expansion also has the advantage of more efficient grain harvest handling.

There will be fewer grain movements which cost money every time, and at the end of 5 years you have a long term asset on your farm.

For growers being introduced to Grain Systems Inc (GSI) for the first time, it is one of the world’s largest silo manufacturer and as such offers the most extensive range of grain storage, grain management and material handling equipment.

GSI can install on-farm grain storage systems in all states, with installations ranging from single on-farm hoppers right through to multiple Silos installations with market leading intake and unloaded conveyer systems.

GSI Silo flatpack
GSI flatpacks are delivered ready to construct with the aid of a few simple hand tools

GSI also offers another option for growers looking at adding a smaller storage capacity, a ‘flat packed’ hopper range that can’t be beaten for value.

These silos can be constructed as a DIY project using basic hand tools from your workshop.

For small storage volume ‘flat packs’ a front-end-loader on a tractor will come in handy, while for larger volume installations, a telehandler’s reach may be required.

Flatpacks’ bolt-together bases remove the need for concrete and allow them to be moved whenever required

In essence these ‘flat packed’ silos are an inexpensive alternative that are quick and easy to assemble. In addition, their bolt-together bases remove the need for concrete and allow them to be moved to a different location whenever required.

GSI’s product range includes both cone and flat bottom Silos, bucket elevators, drag and belt conveyers, chain loops and even supporting structures.

These range in volume from 3 to 30,000 tonnes on-farm capacities through to unlimited large-scale commercial volumes.

For larger commercial projects GSI has a range of weighing, sampling and specialist products such as stainless-steel options, to cater for fertiliser and feed mill requirements.

GSI offer the industry’s largest range of aeration options, and their experience with sealed silos for fumigation ensures that grain quality is as good after storage as the day it was put in.

GSI takes the time to fully understand the requirement of each installation and will allow for future expansion if the facility intends to add more capacity in the future.

Additional accessories such as aerators and spreaders can also be considered, depending on estimated storage duration, to provide a system tailor made for each facility.

The Australian GSI operation understands that farming is seasonal and that growers need to build additional storage before harvest, but then the benefit of higher grain prices will not be realised until well after.

In these circumstances GSI can offer customised payment plans through AGCO Finance to ensure growers have adequate storage for the season, and to then take advantage of the best grain-marketing plan.

Get full details of Silo capacities and grain handling equipment at

Or to find out more on Silos available for immediate delivery, call Tim Pfeiffer on 0447 469 767 and see how GSI can offer the best solutions for your grain storage this season.


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