Hagie Self-Propelled Sprayers will extend John Deere’s flanks

John Deere has signalled it means business – we are talking big numbers – with the Hagie STS sprayer models it is currently filtering into dealer yards

You will notice an obvious colour change in john Deere yards as more Hagie STS sprayers are delivered to local growers and contractors

John Deere purchased a majority share of Hagie Self-Propelled Sprayers in 2015 to arm itself with models that would eat into the market share of its international competitors.

Deere intends to build up a strong following for the first of the models from the series the company has made available here.

The three models on offer are the STS12, STS16 and STS20 available with product tank capacities ranging from 4500 to 7500-litres. While the sprayers are powered by John Deere PowerTech 9.0-litre engines that generate engine power respectively of 221 and 294kW (300 and 400hp).

These models provide application speed up to 40kph while transport speed is a brisk 56kph.

There is increased power management and fuel economy compared with previous Hagie’s. For instance, on the STS20, dual turbos were added to the engine to make it the most powerful self-propelled sprayer ever offered under the Hagie badge.

Everything about these 2022 release model sprayers is new, except for the signature front spray boom.

Hagie STS sprayers stand-out with their front mounted boom placement that reduces the need for operators to constantly turn and look back during application

Now Hagie’s forward-facing boom and John Deere precision-ag technology have joined forces to advance full season spraying. If you need to split-apply nitrogen or demand superior late-season fungicide coverage, John Deere and Hagie have the solution with their STS sprayer models.

The front boom placement on the STS Sprayer reduces the need for operators to constantly turn and look back during application.

John Deere’s AutoTrac, RowSense and AutoTrac Vision keep the sprayer in the row for precise product placement.

Hagie STS Sprayers also offer four-wheel steer technology that keeps the sprayer’s tyres in the same set of tracks, reducing the potential for crop damage, even when making 90-deg headland turns.

STS Sprayers have up to 1.93m (76-inches) of underframe clearance so crop disturbance is minimised, and the in-wheel suspension of the sprayer provides operators with a smooth ride.

Hagie STS Sprayers now have a familiar John Deere designed cab with the choice of two comfort and convenience packages, with LED lighting options also available.

Growers can equip their STS sprayer with one of four sizes of Hagie Hybrid Booms in working widths of 27, 30, 36 and 40m (90, 100, 120, and 132ft). These booms are strong and light weight with Active Wing Roll by Norac to control boom height across uneven ground

The Ultimate package includes a heated, ventilated massaging leather seat that can swivel up to 16-deg to the left or right, with a 165mm (6.5-inch) touchscreen satellite and smartphone ready radio, four USB ports, a 12-volt outlet, footrests, dual-tilt steering column, refrigerator, and electric door cinch with remote opening.

The cab’s Category IV filtration system continuously flows filtered air into the cab to help keep the operator’s station fresh. With a quick check of the cabin-pressure warning light, operators can be assured the system is running correctly.

The solution tank is located at the centre of the sprayer to balance the weight of the machine whether the tank is full or empty. Three tank sizes are available.

The largest product tank choice is the 7500-litre tank for the STS20 that allows the sprayer to work longer between fills.

Even with the increased weight capacity on the STS20, growers will notice less rutting in the paddock and will still be able to work in damp conditions to spray.

Choose the Ultimate cab package and get a leather seat with electronic controls and pneumatic lumbar support along with a left and right swivel to find a sweet spot to glance at the 165mm (6.5-inch) touchscreen app radio

Growers can equip their STS sprayer with one of four sizes of Hagie Hybrid Booms in working widths of 27, 30, 36 and 40m (90, 100, 120, and 132ft). These booms are strong, light weight and versatile, while Active Wing Roll by Norac controls boom height when spraying across uneven terrain.

STS Sprayers come equipped with PowrSpray technology that enables fast, up to 1135-litres/min fills, plus auto prime and onboard mixing so operators can get back in the paddock quicker.

Using optional John Deere ExactApply technology, operators can control droplet size, spray pressure and individual nozzle control on the STS Sprayer.

Pressure recirculation and optional System Air Purge technology can improve job quality and simplify cleanout while reducing product waste.  

Designed with the same functions operators expect on trusted John Deere equipment, a Hagie Sprayer comes standard with a JDLink connection, plus an integrated StarFire GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter display and AutoTrac guidance.

The Hagie pressure recirculation and air purge system keeps chemicals in suspension so the boom is constantly primed and ready to spot spray. The air purge system removes air in the boom before spraying to improve the rate control at start of spraying.

This integrated technology helps operators reduce overlap and maximise inputs.

Once activated, JDLink will stream machine and paddock data to the John Deere Operations Center so owners can easily monitor and track job quality, machine location and machine hours from anywhere.

Growers can setup prescriptions for individual paddocks within the Operations Center and feed the prescriptions to the in-cab Generation 4 display so everyone can see this information on the display.

The Analyze tools within Operations Center enable growers to review paddock data, compare target rates with actual-applied rates, and adjust plans as needed.

Operations Center makes it easy for growers to securely share their data with their trusted advisors. In addition, the AgLogic app can be used to submit application jobs from the cab of the sprayer and to keep accurate records of what work was done in each paddock. 

Hagie STS sprayers fold up neatly for transport mode with speeds up to 56kph with the tank centered it allows the weight to be distributed evenly across all four tyres for extra stability

Hagie STS Sprayers come standard with CommandDrive technology to monitor wheel slips.

If one-wheel slips, CommandDrive automatically sends more power to the other wheels for real-time traction control, and improved performance across tough terrain.

Hagie’s design of the boom placed at the front of the machine and John Deere technology put operators in control of season-long applications. Expect expanded precision-ag technologies and enhanced operator comfort, from the most innovative high-clearance sprayers in the industry.

For more information, see your local John Deere dealer here.

Hagie STS Sprayers are available to order now.