HARDI sprayers have a solid Aussie made connection

HARDI sprayers are sold worldwide with the company HQ in Denmark but the Hardi Australia division plays a major part in product development for world markets

HARDI Australia is quick to point out their Aussie made connection in their wide range of trailed and Self-propelled sprayer models and shown here is the Adelaide SA assembly plant – one of five HARDI development centres in the world

Denmark’s HARDI may not sound like an Australian sprayer maker, but its HARDI Australia subsidiary has a substantial manufacturing facility in Adelaide SA. 

HARDI International established HARDI Australia in 2002 to provide local farmers with products to suit their unique needs. 

Today the local business occupies more than 10,000m2 of production, assembly, testing, and parts logistics, with the majority of HARDI sprayers sold in Australia and New Zealand built locally.

Able to offer a vast number of trailed sprayers to suit all spraying needs, there is no doubt that HARDI Australia is a market leader in the trailed sprayer market. 

With trailed sprayers ranging in tank capacities from 1,200 to 10,000 litres and boom sizes ranging from 6 to 52 metres, HARDI’S trailed models are “built on a platform of simple, reliable solutions combined with ease of use and excellent serviceability”.

The large-scale operation Commander range of trailed sprayers from HARDI have tank capacities of 6500, 8500 and 10,000 litres. While the boom widths are from 30 to 48.5m.

Growers can choose to equip their Commander sprayers with several leading boom types, including Force, Terra Force and Paragon.

While the popular Navigator range of HARDI trailed sprayers are well suited to small to medium operations with tank capacities of 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 litres. With boom widths to suit ranging from 18 to 36.5m.

The Navigator range also has a wide selection of leading booms to choose from, including Eagle, Force and Paragon. All are manufactured by HARDI to match this popular range.

Both the Commander and Navigator range of trailed sprayers can be optioned with ActivAir. This rapid, dripless nozzle switching system is powered by reticulated air from an onboard compressor that is able to ensure instant pressure and accuracy when required.

You will find a great number of HARDI Navigator models on farms as they are an ideal model choice for small to medium operations with tank capacities of 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 litres

It’s not just manufacturing that is done in Adelaide SA. HARDI also has a world-class innovation centre which is one of five HARDI development centres in the world. 

With local developments such as GeoSelect and the Rubicon, HARDI’s largest self-propelled sprayer, HARDI Australia continues to introduce local innovations to the rest of the world.

Manufacturing locally also means that most of the components are sourced locally. 

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For example, a local supplier in Victoria manufactures all the well-known yellow HARDI tanks. It is one of more than 130 Australian OEM suppliers that benefit from HARDI Australia’s manufacturing operation, along with more than 100 local employees.

Mixing international technology with tailored local production is HARDI’s Global Made Local. It incorporates every aspect of HARDI production and customer service, meaning the next Hardi sprayer you see is a lot more Aussie than it looks.

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Or contact HARDI Australia for your nearest dealer on 1300 042 734, or see more at: www.hardi.com.au