Hatz completes ultra-compact engine family

Sami Almogawish Managing Director of Hatz Diesel Australia says his team is looking forward to talking to customers about the new 3H50

Hatz Diesel has expanded its H50 series with the addition of the 3H50 water-cooled engine, that offer a compact solution for powering irrigation systems.

The 3H50 was launched to the Australian market in 2018 to mark Hatz‘s 35th anniversary, and is suitable for use across a wide range of irrigation applications.

Sami Almogawish, Managing Director of Hatz Diesel Australia, says his team is looking forward to introducing customers to the newest engine in their H50 series.

“Both the 3-cylinder 3H50 and the more powerful 4-cylinder 4H50 are the smallest engines in their power class – in fact, they are up to 90kg lighter than their nearest competitor,” he says.

Hatz Diesel’s three and four-cylinder H50 series diesel engines are the world’s smallest in their power range

Sami says Hatz Diesel has taken a downsizing approach to the H50 series and the compact size provides a very low power-to-weight ratio with unsurpassed fuel efficiency. The 4H50 variant is the most efficient engine in the 37-56/62kW class, with fuel consumption a mere 210g/kWh.

The H50 series features Bosch parts, which offers minimal friction, smooth running, quiet operation, and low-exhaust emissions.

“Like Hatz Diesel’s air-cooled range, our new generation water-cooled series is designed to go the distance and will deliver 500 engine hours between standard maintenance intervals,” he says.

Sami says Hatz Diesel engines are built to last but when service is required, they have an extensive national network of 70 dealers and service agents and can provide quick delivery of parts and service to customers Australia-wide.

“We also offer in-house customisation to ensure that each engine is fit for purpose. 
We can also fit additional equipment, such as control panels, which makes purchasing and commissioning your engine even simpler,” Sami says.

For further information go to www.hatz.com.au