Hitachi ZW310-5 wheel loader allows Jeffries to lead the way

Jeffries purchased a ZW310-5 wheel loader for the primary role of loading the articulated dump truck and forming windrows with the ability to also scoop a full 9 cub.m in the bucket

South Australian company Jeffries’ add a Hitachi hybrid excavator and wheel loader to help reduce on fuel emission.

From humble beginnings carting horse manure for nurseries, South Australian company Jeffries has since grown into a specialised leader of organics recycling by developing world-leading organic recycling technologies.

Today, specialising in the creation of valuable landscaping, gardening and horticultural products. This fourth-generation South Australian company currently employs over 70 people and recycles 150,000 tonnes of green organics every year.

Jeffries are the only commercial food organics recycling collection business in South Australian to supply compost, soil and mulch products to resellers across Adelaide and to many leading vineyards and vegetable growers.

Driven by wholesome family values and innovation, Jeffries has used this to develop world-leading organic recycling technologies and collection partnerships.

Combining their passion and process, the team at Jeffries delivers premium compost, soil and mulch for farmers, viticulturists, landscapers and home gardeners.

This leading organic business relies on a number of Hitachi’s equipment to drive their processes and to gain constant improvement.

Jeffries’ current Hitachi fleet is made up of a ZX330 excavator, ZW310-5 wheel loader and a ZH210LC-5 hybrid excavator.

In 2007, the company developed a ‘Recycled Organics Screening System’ that screened and sorted material prior to composting.

Jeffries was then commissioned to design a larger and improved plant in 2016 that is able to eliminate 92.8% of coloured polymers and fabrics as well as 95.9% of glass, ceramics and stone from organic recycling.

In December 2018, Jeffries added a Hitachi ZH210LC-5 hybrid excavator with fixed High-rise cab to their line-up of equipment.

“The opportunity to get a hybrid unit into our system was a key driver in the decision making process as we feel we will get a massive benefit in fuel burn.

The flexibility and range of cab options that we were given was also a bonus, it allowed us to really build something fit for a purpose that we believe will have a positive impact on production and operator comfort,” said Managing Director Martin Jeffries.

The addition is a smart one from the team who believes that the hybrid excavator provides them with great advantages in both lowering running costs and increased operator comfort.

“The fixed High-rise cab on the ZH210LC-5 is another feature that our operators enjoy. Whilst the visibility looks a little different when operating our grinders – it is of huge benefit to the operator to look straight ahead maintaining eye level.

This ultimately reduces the need for their neck to be slightly tilted thus improving the safety of the operator and their overall comfort levels.”

Earlier in September 2018, the company purchased a ZW310-5 wheel loader for the primary role of loading the articulated dump truck, forming windrows, stockpile management and looking after the composting process.

The work rate of this machine is high in comparison to their other machines but is up for the task.

“One thing that our operators comment on with the ZW310-5 is the power, the ease of working into a stockpile to scoop a full 9 cub.m bucket, the other is the comfort while operating,” Martin commented.

The Jeffries team have been impressed by the performance of their machines and the support of Sales Representative Aidan Seaton.

“Aidan is our main contact, he’s always on hand to answer all our questions and extremely thorough with his communication during the process. He regularly kept us informed with updates on delivery and build times, he was also very keen to deliver a product that we were after.

We gave Hitachi some tight time frames for delivery of the ZH210LC-5 but they got it done.”

For more details on the ZW Series and the full range of Hitachi Wheel loaders take a look at: or tel: 1300 HITACHI for your nearest dealer location.