John Deere 5M Series tractors are upgrading to a more powerful line of utility models

John Deere is offering updated 5M Series tractors that can perform at a level greater than local operators would expect in a utility model

Local hay and livestock farmers will have access to more technology with updated transmission options from top-end utility tractors in the sector defined by the John Deere MY23 5M Series

It is expected any farmer looking for an ideal utility tractor will be lining up to order a John Deere MY23 5M Series tractor as these models have been specified to suit out local conditions to a level not seen previously.

The production line run for John Deere’s 5M Series tractors is late 2022 with the availability to order now for a scheduled release in 2023 for the most advanced utility models available.

John Deere has taken upgrades from high powered models such as integrated AutoTrac™ and added more transmission options and slipped them neatly into 5M Series tractors.

And in addition, more power has been added with the model range now running the gauntlet from 55kW (74hp) and being topped up to 96kW (130hp). And this pretty much sets a higher benchmark than what operators have been getting from current utility tractors.

The problem for opposition badges is simple – they cannot compete with the smoothest and most powerful John Deere utility tractors ever released with a model to suit all farm operations in a power range from 55 to 96kW (74 to 130hp) and transmissions to match the output available

The FT4 PowerTech™ engine from the larger 6M Utility Tractor will now be used in the four-cylinder versions of the 5M, fitted into the MY23 5095M, 5105M, 5120M, and 5130M.

While the 5075M also remains in the line-up as a three-cylinder 55kW (74hp) option, available with either a full cab or open ROPS.

Local product managers were given the choice of three transmission options for the 5M Series. The proven PowrReverser™ transmission with an easy to use, two-lever option to change ranges and gears on the 55 to 88kW (74 to 120hp) models.

While the PowrQuad™ PLUS and Powr8™ transmissions were available for the 70 to 96kW (95 to 130hp) models, to offer an easy operator experience with a single shift lever that puts shifting range and speed at the operator’s fingertips without the need to use a foot clutch.

All 5M transmissions continue to have the convenient left-hand reverser for effortless changes in direction during a variety of applications.

Local product managers have tailored the specifications of the 5075M, 5095M, 5105M, 5120M and 5130M to what is required in our local conditions, and part of that task was to include a 96kW (130hp) model in the line-up.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Production System Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski had this to say about the MY23 5M Series introduction, “In addition to increased power, the MY23 5M Series is the smartest tractor on the market in its category, with a built-in display on the dash integrated with AutoTrac™ guidance.

“AutoTrac provides operators with straight-line guidance to help reduce implement overlap and cutdown passes through the paddock, to save on fuel and decrease fatigue,” Stephanie continued.

“No other utility tractor on the market offers this level of integrated guidance on a mid-spec utility tractor, meaning the 5M provides unmatched productivity potential.”

The entry-level guidance system is a cost-effective solution that can be easily upgraded later by plugging in a premium display for mapping and prescription-based applications.

At the engine level, the PowrQuad™ PLUS and Powr8™ transmissions are available as an option on the 5095M, 5105M, 5120M cab versions and included as standard on the new 96kW (130hp) 5130M.

Stephanie Gersekowski said these additional transmission options would not only make the tractors simpler to use, but also more efficient.

“PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions make it easy for operators to find the right speed with clutchless, push-button shifting between gears, allowing them to focus on their work,” Stephanie added.

“The hitch-lift capacity on 5M Tractors equipped with PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions has also been increased, to better handle large implements. There is also an optional panoramic roof for improved visibility from the cab.

“These features are especially beneficial when lifting and moving large objects such as hay bales and can increase operator productivity and safety,” Stephanie concluded.

Front-end loader work and tractor become a powerhouse with the upcoming release of John Deere MY23 5M Series tractors

The power added to the 5M lineup takes these utility models to a level not offered previously and will provide flexibility for operators to use an extended range of 1000rpm implements such as mower-conditioners.

While models with the PowrReverser™, PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 provide 1000rpm pto power that will allow operators to achieve a lot more from this utility series.

John Deere MY23 5M Series tractor specified to suit out local conditions to a degree not seen before can be ordered now for the November 2022 production line run with delivery in 2023.

For more information, see your local dealer or for details.

Note: model specs may change from the factory production run shown with special local orders

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