John Deere 9500 Self-Propelled Forage Harvester launched during milestone year

John Deere celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester (SPFH) with the release of the 9500 SPFH in August 2022

John Deere has released models from the 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester range to be available in time for the coming season

The innovative harvester will deliver more power, precision and productivity to Australian farmers and is a fitting milestone celebrating John Deere’s half-century commitment to supporting the nation’s agriculture sector with industry-best harvest solutions.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Production System Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski, said the 9500 was part of a redefined SPFH lineup, which includes the reintroduction of the 9600 and a higher power level and engine for the 9700.

Both the 9500 and 9600 get their power from a new JD18X 18.0-litre engine that delivers 508 and 544kW (690 and 740hp) respectively.

While the 9700 is fitted with a 24.0-litre Liebherr V12 engine that Now available on select 9000 series forage harvesters, these diesel-only engines deliver up to 13% higher efficiency compared to previous models.

The MY23 8000 Series will remain the same, however, engine power has been increased with an upgrade for the 8200 model.  

“Farmers and contractors demand durable high-capacity forage harvesters that consistently deliver maximum throughput to make the most of peak harvest windows,” Stephanie Gersekowski said.

“The 9500 is one of three models offering increased power and throughput in 2023, delivered through John Deere’s JD18X engine that reduces revolutions per minute (RPM), while decreasing fuel and oil usage to drive further efficiency gains during operation,” Stephanie continued.

The 9500, as well as the 9600 and 9700, also comes equipped with HarvestMotion™ PLUS, an advanced function synchronising engine speed with crop flow and power needs to maintain consistent crop throughput at low RPMs.

HarvestLab™ 3000 and precision guidance technology system Autotrac™ all seamlessly integrate with John Deere forage harvesters

“HarvestMotion PLUS delivers additional power of 18, 27 and 48kW (24, 36 and 64hp) across the 9700, 9600 and 9500 models,” Stephanie added.

“This provides farmers and contractors with 10% more productivity and 10% less fuel usage per tonne harvested.

Stephanie Gersekowski also said the models’ upgraded spout also increased visibility and ease of maintenance. 

“A new spout design will become standard across the complete 9000 Series,” Stephanie added. 

“The spout has a longer, optimised contour to create increased visibility and more service openings, making the machine easier to service to help farmers and contractors maximise their machinery uptime.

Model fronts have also been redefined, and the 30R Windrow Pick-Up comes equipped with an 80cm auger, which is a 24cm extension compared to the 56cm standard on 6X9 pickups.

Standard 6×9 picj-up front is only 56cm wide compared to the extended 30R 80cm windrow front

Stephanie also added, “The hard iron updates complemented the tried and tested advantage of John Deere’s crop analysis and documentation tools.

“HarvestLab™ 3000, and precision guidance technology, Autotrac™, all seamlessly integrate with John Deere’s forage harvesters.

“In July 2021, John Deere made the digital ecosystem more accessible to local farmers by removing all on-going costs for JDLinkTM.

“We are seeing, now, more than ever, local farmers using this tool for the collection of agronomic and machine data to power efficient, profitable and environmentally sustainable improvements for their business,” Stephanie concluded.

For more information, see your local dealer or for details.

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