John Deere set to update S700 combines

John Deere is offering a number of updates for its S700 combines with a focus on increased throughput, automation and easier operation

John Deere has announced a number of combine updates for the 2020 season, with the focus on increased throughput, automation and easier operation.

The S-Series combine’s automatic regulation of forward speed, HarvestSmart, has been optimised and integrated with the Interactive Combine Adjustment system ICA2.

In situations where ICA2 cannot achieve the required grain sample due to high levels of chaff or broken grain, or it exceeds the set loss rate, ICA2 automatically adjusts the HarvestSmart system and the combine’s speed just as the operator would normally do.

At the same time, engine load is maintained at the desired level for maximum harvest efficiency.

Side winds can have an enormous effect on the distribution of combine residues, so it will be possible on S700 Series machines for 2020 for the angle of spread to be adjusted automatically.

Using GPS, the new AutoSwap system detects the combine’s direction of travel and automatically mirrors the broadcast pattern once the combine turns at the headland and moves in the opposite direction.

Improvement in chop quality is also enabled by remote adjustment of the counter knife.

The operator can easily assess chop quality from the comfort of the cab by checking the combine’s reversing camera, and set the counter knife position from the seat.

The previous introduction of the ActiveYield automatic yield sensor removed the need for manual yield calibrations and relieved the operator of the stress and time involved in waiting to get results, while also increasing their accuracy.

From 2020, this system will be supplemented with an even more precise humidity sensor. This will result in considerable improvement in data collection, especially for both low and high grain moisture contents.

Calibration intervals plus yield and humidity data will be recorded along with other important information on documentation software.

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