John Shearer AS2400LT electronic drive air drill

John Shearer AS2400LT air drill
John Shearer’s electronic drive AS2400LT air drills runs across a 3 or 6m sowing width with a twin-hopper capacity of 2,400 litres.

Equipped with an electronic drive system, the latest air drill from John Shearer promises greatly reduced maintenance and more accurate seed and fertiliser calibration.

Catering primarily to farmers with small to middle size holdings, the AS2400LT air drill is available in sowing widths of 4.5m or 6m with sowing spacing options of 125mm or 150mm. Hopper capacity for both air drill models is 2,400 litres in two compartments.

The electronic drive system replaces traditional chains and sprockets which results in significantly reduced maintenance needs. Calibrating seed and fertiliser rates is also much easier with control via a tablet that allows operation from the tractor seat or next to the air drill.

Both models of the AS2400LT feature a transport width of less than three metres to comply with on-road regulations. A livestock producer, for instance, can now sow into their pasture paddocks at wider sowing widths than a conventional seed drill, while retaining a narrow width for transportation. Users will also appreciate a generous amount of underframe road clearance.

John Shearer says the five-row seeding frame has been optimised for maximum trash flow and features long lead between rows with good underframe clearance.

High-flotation tyres are fitted as standard. The centre section of both models features two 400/60-15.5 tyres, while the wider 6m model benefits from the addition of a 12.5/80-15.3 third tyre that provides extra flotation. For both the 4.5m and 6m models, 215/85R16 tyres are fitted to the wings.

John Shearer AS2400LT folded for transport
The John Shearer AS2400LT air drills fold to a less than 3-metre width to comply with on-road regulations and for easy access through gates.

The company says that during the design phase of the new air drills particular attention was paid to the ease of filling the hopper and strength of the frame and axles. In addition, the distribution moduleis engineered to ensure it is simple to operate, provides easy calibration of sowing rates and is effortless to clean out.

The distribution module consists of two 266mm fluted metering rollers which are easily accessible via inspection doors. Shut off gates that stop the flow of grain and fertiliser allow the rollers to be inspected or cleaned without having to empty the hopper. In addition, no roller changes are required when changing from fine to course product, such as pasture seeds to cereals. Finally, the complete distribution module is easily removed for servicing.

The air drill fan is driven by a hydraulic motor with an oil cooler/heat exchanger as standard.

To raise and lower the air drill during work, each axle arm is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder phased to maintain level sowing across the full width of the machine. Two 100x400mm (4x16in) cylinders are used when folding for transport.

A range of ground tools are available for the drills including double disc openers, JSL 630 spring release tyne assemblies or coil tynes. The coil tyne models are equipped as standard with Baker T blades and the 630 tyne units come with super seeder points.

For seeding a single boot is fitted as standard but a dual seeding kit is available as an option.

A front coulter bar kit is also available for all models and drills fitted with spring release or coil tynes can also be optionally specified with double walking press wheel assemblies and harrows.

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