John Shearer double disc maximises germination in pasture

John Shearer’s pasture drill is well built to perform in all soil types and conditions with the advantage of a double disc system for more uniform seeding depth

John Shearer is a noted long-standing name in Australian agriculture and has taken pasture drilling to a point that ensures top performance with the design benefit of their double disc seeding system.

With the surety gained from a double disc it is able to offer a more uniform seeding depth through the reduction of draft forces.

Add to this superb trash handling and the ability to reduce soil disturbance at faster sowing speeds.

It is already accepted that disc openers are more suitable than tines when sowing into rocky conditions.

And sowing with a double disc opener leaves a smoother soil profile and will assist in reducing water runoff.

With the John Shearer pasture drill there is an easy to use spring pin to lock the press arm into place, this is used to control the depth with 6mm increments over 50mm of travel.

The spring-loaded opener has a mechanical screw assembly to easily adjust the mainspring to decrease or increase pressure for both opening coulters and the press wheel.

Downward force can be increase to help cut tough stubble residue and in drier conditions penetrate the soil for good seed placement.

The spring breakout pressure can be adjusted up to 182kgs (400lbs) and there is 254mm (10-in) of vertical ground following capability.

For the hydraulic version, pressure is adjusted on the go from the tractor seat to suit soil types and conditions. A pressure gauge fitted into the system, allows the operator to monitor the down pressure.

John Shearer’s opener is well built to perform in many different soil types and conditions.

Its compact design means that the press wheel is much closer to the sowing boot than most other designs on the market with remarkable benefits in terms of uniform seeding depth.

The opener is a true parallelogram based around two carriers.

There is the mounting carrier that attaches the unit to either a square or diamond mounting frame and then there is the main carrier on which the ground engaging coulters, (or optional tine) and press wheel are attached.

Then hydraulic version of the double disc opener also offers a handy spring return mechanism for transport.

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