K-Line Ag offers leading single pass Speedtiller

The K-Line Ag Speedtiller has proven to be the ultimate one-pass strategic tillage tool as growers can now use this single implement to do the work of up to three machines with reduced soil compaction and huge savings in operational costs

As a family-owned company, K-Line Ag designs and builds farm equipment to exacting standards, utilising a research and development team familiar with the demanding working conditions of our local terrain.

A very popular release has been the K-Line Ag Speedtiller, this model has found a niche in strategic tillage systems as a one-pass tillage tool.

The success of the Speedtiller comes from its ability to improve soil humus levels, reduce erosion, and combat chemical resistant weeds in a single pass with this versatile single implement.

The combination of the adjustable rubber-torsioned jump arm system with disc undercut, and the effective action of the levelling crumbler roller, makes the Speedtiller ideal for stubble incorporation and seedbed preparation.

Stubble incorporation has the advantage to build up humus levels in the soil profile, this feeds soil microbes that increase soil organic matter for healthier soils with less reliance on outsourced nitrogen in future seasons.

The Speedtiller incorporates residue by utilising a two-part system.

First chopping the residues into manageable pieces and shifting the dirt with an offset disc.

Neil Streat of Codemo Machinery Services, shown here delivering Greg Healey at West Wyalong NSW his new 15.5m (51ft) Speedtiller Powerflex Mammoth

And then mixing the soil and residues together into a finished paddock surface, leaving the seedbed ready for planting.

This two-step approach is what provides the residue incorporation growers need to reap the benefits of better crop health and higher yields.

Speedtiller’s dual purpose discing and finishing capabilities have additional benefits as well.

Growers can use this single implement to do the work of two or even three other machines, and the savings in soil compaction, operator time, and fuel expenditures make a sizeable impact on reducing production and operational costs.

With herbicide resistance becoming an issue as summer rains increase and temperatures warm, many farming regions can now use strategic tillage programs with Speedtillers to help eradicate summer weeds and decrease the reliance on chemicals.

This has the added benefit of giving any chemicals a longer life cycle before weeds become resistant to them.

Because the Speedtiller is designed with an appreciation for the variability of local soils and cropping types, it can be customised for applications from vineyard cultivation to oilseed and cereal production.

Trailing and 3-point linkage versions are available, while  finishing rollers can be selected based on soil type with hollow crumbling rollers for loamier soils and spring rollers for stickier, clay type soils.

These unique configurations allow growers to utilise the Speedtiller’s correct mechanical design and in turn realise the greatest benefits in residue management and increased yields.

Currently available in a wide variety of working widths ranging from 1.75 to 15.5m (5.7 to 51ft).

K-Line Ag recently delivered a Powerflex Mammoth, one of the heaviest tillage implement on the market.

Weighing in at 22,250kg, the Mammoth is the ultimate machine for serious broadacre growers and contractors.

A 15.5m (51ft) Speedtiller Powerflex Mammoth was delivered by K-Line Ag to its new home in West Wyalong NSW.

View live Mammoth footage on the K-Line Ag website: www.k-line.net.au/video

With a full range of coulters and harrows as well as tillage and soil-conditioning machinery, K-Line Ag has all tillage and residue issues covered.

Call the team at K-Line Ag on 1800 194 131 for information or to locate your nearest dealer.


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