Krone BiG M 450 SP mower debuts in Australia

Krone BiG M 450 SP mower
Powered by a 335kW (449hp) Liebherr engine, Krone’s BiG M 450CR self-propelled mower conditioner has an 11.2m cutting width as it works through the paddock at up to 25kph

With the release of the Krone BiG M 450CR, Kubota Australia has brought the biggest self-propelled mower yet to the local market. The BiG M 450CR is part of the fifth generation BiG M 45 Series and offers the widest cut in the range at an impressive 11.2m.

The CR model also employs a new super roller conditioner. Called an M-Roll, the conditioner has a lug on the roller with two pressure points to give the crop extra crimping while it travels through the roller. This process is designed to deliver quicker drying time for the crop in the paddock so it can be baled and safely stored in less time.

The first BiG M 450CR sold to a local operator went to Clint Cail of Jenhawill Baling in northern Victoria. Clint had been running an eight-year-old BiG M 400 that was due for an update. The M 450CR appealed to Clint because of its increased power, wider cut, updated interior and super conditioner roller.

“Clint said the mower has been great so far and he has noticed how smooth it is out on the paddock. The dry weather forced his business to end its season early but the mower definitely made the harvest of more than 6,000ha a more efficient process,” said Krone product manager, Lars Pasedag.

In line with upgrades to the previous 2017 model, the M 450CR is driven by a six-cylinder, inline Liebherr engine with PowerSplit control delivering 335kW (449hp) of power, with a safe working speed of up to 25kph and a travelling speed of 40kph.

For transport, the M 450CR’s wings fold to 3m-wide to meet on-road regulations.

A stepless Bosch drive system creates a smoother ride with no shift points, reducing fuel consumption and the is mower is driven by wheel motors, that allows it to turn through a 50-degree angle, ensuring efficiency in smaller paddocks. For challenging conditions, a new traction control system further improves performance.

Powered by a 335kW (449hp) Liebherr engine, Krone’s BiG M 450CR self-propelled mower conditioner has an 11.2m cutting width as it works through the paddock at up to 25kph

The M 450CR is able to offer several swath formation options, so operators can match rake widths and merge all crops into one windrow for chopping, or lay the hay out wide for fast drying. Changing swathe formations is a simple process of opening or closing the swathing hoods on the wing mowers.

With both hoods open, crop flows over the swathing augers to be spread at the full width of the cutter bars for faster drying. Close one hood and crop is swathed to either the left or the right of the machine and can later be easily raked into a single swathe.

Close both hoods and all material is deposited in a single swathe in line with the central front mower to reduce crop loss and contamination and to eliminate the raking pass.

The M 450CR is able to handle dry or wet hay with a choice of intermeshing chevron pattern rubber or steel conditioning M rolls.

The heavy-duty, Krone cutterbar design protects the machine from damage due to obstacles in the paddock and offers quick-change blades for fast replacement.

In a spacious new SilentSpace cab mounted on hydro bearings, operators are treated to increased visibility, lower noise levels and plenty of space. The standard specification includes a 250mm (10-in) touchscreen terminal, an armrest with integral joystick, climate control and an electric cooling box.

For more information contact your local Kubota dealer or go to:


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