Kubota announces new president for Europe

Mr Shimokawa

Kubota Corporation has appointed Kazunari Shimokawa as the new president of Kubota Europe SAS, based in France. Source: AFDJ eNews

He succeeds Nobuyuki Ishii, who returned to Osaka, Japan as the Deputy General Manager of Farm and Industrial Machinery Domain, Strategy and Operations Headquarters, Kubota Corporation.

Kazunari Shimokawa joined Kubota 34 years ago and has spent 17 years of his career in Europe, recently in Kubota Baumachinen GmbH in Zweibrücken in Germany.

Mr Shimokawa has participated in the development of Kubota across all European markets in terms of production and sales.

Mr Shimokawa’s appointment will provide a new direction for his career by joining Kubota Europe. This new opportunity offers him the chance to bring all his experience and expertise in tractor and construction machinery business in Europe.