Kubota M7-151 tractor ideal for North Queensland sugarcane and cattle farmer

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How this fourth-generation sugarcane farmer switched to Kubota tractors to more easily run the daily farm operations with the help of his wife and two children

Fourth-generation farmer Clint Reynolds runs a busy sugarcane and cattle rearing operation in far north Queensland and is able to rely on the help of his wife and two children to run a fleet of Kubota tractor models

North Queensland sugarcane and cattle farmer Clint Reynolds operates across 121ha (300) acres between Port Douglas and Daintree Qld.

A fourth-generation sugarcane farmer, Clint Reynolds knows a lot about the industry and what he needs to get the job done.

Running the farm day-to-day with the help of his wife and two children, Clint has diversified his operations. From farm management and previously lending a hand on construction sites, Clint approaches any job knowing he can rely on his trusty Kubota tractors.

“We bought an M7-171 about four years ago, and that was the start of it. It ran so well, I sold all my other tractors and bought another M7-151,” Clint said.

Clint now owns a fleet of Kubota tractors and Kubota implements including the M7- 171, M7-151, L5740 HDCA and M108 tractors which help him complete every job that comes his way. From slashing to mowing, to general farm use, there’s not a job too big or small.

For Clint flexibility is key to his most recent purchase the Kubota M7-151 with engine power of 150kW (170hp) and its superior lifting power that has come to his on-farm operations rescue on many occasions

“My Kubota L5740 HDCA tractor is a beautiful little tractor. It’s so easy to drive and punches way above its weight. With the stall guard on it, it’s pretty much bulletproof.

“It fits into really tight spaces and handles narrow turns well thanks to the hydrostatic power steering. I’ll be using it to put up some cattle fencing around the farm – it’s nearly my favourite tractor,” Clint added.

For Clint, flexibility is key as a wide array of farming jobs require tractors to handle it all. Kubota tractors’ superior lifting power has come to Clint ‘s rescue on many occasions.

“The M108 is a powerhouse. I mainly use it for slashing and general farm use, basically everything to do with farming. It’s a no-frills tractor but it does what it needs to do and does it well. It’s manoeuvrable and efficient,” Clint said.

Clint purchased his first Kubota tractor, the M7-171 about four years ago and never looked back, selling his other tractors to purchase the Kubota M7-151

Covering the vast countryside in north Queensland is a taxing endeavour, particularly with heavy implements and equipment needed to carry out various jobs.

Clint said the M7-151 is the master of efficiency, saving him hours every day with its ability to load up to 9,000kg.

“The M7-151 is my everything tractor. I’ve had it working in Cairns for a road building job– they used it to get even compaction on the road. It really does the job. They tried other methods for a little while and then one day rang me up and said they need it back.

“I’ve got the premium models of the M7s and the touch-controlled K-monitor is amazing. It’s so easy to use and user-friendly. The GPS, too. Plug it in and away you go.

“The front-mounted three-point hitch on the M7-151 is awesome. There’s about 40 kilometres between farms and I can take two implements with me in one go.”

Clint has built up to a fleet of Kubota tractors and implements including the new M7-171, M7-151, L5740 HDCA and M108 tractors that help him complete every job that comes his way

Clint said while the quality of Kubota tractors speaks for itself, Kubota as a company sets it apart from its competitors.

“Kubota Australia has the mindset they need to have something right before they get it out to customers,” Clint said.

“I once had an issue on my M7-151 and Kubota responded by sending five engineers out from Japan to fix it.

“They redesigned a whole new component to fix the problem and that component now features in the current model. You don’t get that with other tractor companies. If there’s a problem, they want to fix it,” For more information on the current range of Kubota tractor models, click this link to find nearest dealer, see more at: Kubota.com.au

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