Kubota’s new M71 range for 2016

kubota m7151
Kubota’s M7151

Japanese tractor giant Kubota has signalled its intentions to Australian farmers with a new M71 range punching out up to 125kW (170 horsepower) set for early 2016 release. Source: Farm Weekly

Previewed to Kubota dealers just recently, the M71 will open the door to a much wider range of utility tractor tasks in another step for the company as it takes a more prominent position in the Australian agricultural landscape.

Kubota’s expansionary signals were easy to read with the purchase of the desirable Scandinavian implement business, Kverneland, in 2012 with the tie up offering the tractor maker a range of systems including tillage, seeding, forage and hay equipment, spreading and spraying, and advanced precision farming solutions.

The M71 tractor series is also the first to emerge from the company’s first manufacturing foray on European soil having christened a 3000 unit capacity tractor plant in northern France.

Kubota’s Konstantin Blersch said the new higher horsepower range was good news for dealers.

“We’re still working on a launch for next year and there’s training for sales representatives coming up,” he said.

“We want to have stock into Australia by mid-2016 so we don’t disappoint anyone when we launch this series because there’s been a lot of talk about this release and dealers are excited about it.”

The three levels (standard, premium and KVT) range is based on three models (M7131, M7151 and M7171) all fitted with a Kubota built, high displacement 6.1-litre V6108 engine.

The engine is an electronic controlled common rail fitted with an SCR/DEF (AdBlue) system, a Diesel Particulate Filter as well as Exhaust Gas Recirculation that sees the range not only meet Euro Tier 4 but “dramatically exceed” it according to Kubota.

On the transmission front the options range from a Forward 24 and Rear 24 speed (F40/R40 in creep mode) on the standard and premium models (130 150 hp) and Kubota’s continuously variable transmission, Premium KVT on the top of the range M7171 170 hp.

The standard transmission features an electro hydraulic shuttle and top speed across the range is 50 kilometres per hour.

Open centre hydraulics with an 80-litre gear pump and three control valves is fitted to the Standard range with an 110-litre capacity closed centre, load sensing system with four standard valves fitted to the Premium and KVT range.

Rear power take off (PTO) is standard with a front 3Pl and PTO as options. Out the back a high capacity Cat III, linkage offers nine-tonne capacity.

The M7 1 Series features optional front suspension for stability and to help keep power to the ground and maintain traction.

All M7 1 tractors are Isobus ready and there’s an integrated touch screen terminal on Premium and KVT models.

GPS is an option offering autosteer (autonomous or RTK) and implement rate and section control.

There’s also a Kubota headland management system.