Making farms a safer place across the life stages of a farmer

The recently concluded National Farm Safety Week took on the subject of safety issues from childhood to ageing farmers to show how farm safety was important across all age groups.

While over half of on-farm fatalities are people over 50, in the last 10 years around 15% of fatal accidents have been kids under 15, a trend that needs to be arrested.

Improving farm safety is vital. Australian farmers only make up 2.6% of Australia’s workforce, but they count for 21% of workplace fatalities.

During National Farm Safety Week, there were many opportunities for farmers to learn about potential safety risks, and everyone is encourage to take five minutes to look at their practices and ask yourself ‘is there a safer way to get the job done’.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is getting you home safely to your family.

The deadline for applications for the Australian Government’s Improving Farm Safety Practices grants has been extended.

These grants will help our agricultural industry and organisations deliver training and education to change the behaviours around farm safety and help reduce farm accidents.

This is about getting people to come together and come up with projects and solutions to a nationwide issue.”

For more information about Farm Safety, go to

For more information on Improving Farm Safety Practices grants and to apply visit Applications close at 9:00 PM AEST on 11 August 2021.

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